Meeting Your High Flow Demand with Fixed Speed Reliability

The Red Jacket 4 HP Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) rounds out the 4” Veeder-Root STP portfolio, offering high throughput, high reliability, and reduced power consumption. The best in-class fixed speed technology services up to 7 simultaneous fuel transactions at the required 10 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) per nozzle. With an automatic electrical disconnection mechanism, disruptions are minimized to site operations making servicing safe, quick, and efficient to ensure site uptime. 

High Performance

  • Equivalent to 4 HP variable speed solutions, performance up to 7 simultaneous activated nozzles at 10 GPM
  • 4-Inch design meets the required tank riser size
  • 4% less power consumption than variable speed solutions
  • Quick Set® adjustable length options

High Reliability  

  • Designed and tested to the same quality standards as existing Red Jacket STPs that have less than 1% field failure rates  
  • Automatic electrical disconnect ensures quick and safe servicing  
  • Spring mechanisms reduce lifting force  
  • Automatic fuel drain allows fuel in the manifold to safely drain back to the tank  
  • Upstream siphon filter screen helps minimize the risk of clogging  

Fuel Compatibility

As biofuels, vehicle technology, and ethanol infrastructures expand, Red Jacket fueling systems are there to meet your needs. The Red Jacket 4 HP STP is designed alongside our current series of packer manifolds. Whether you are pumping Unleaded (E10) or higher concentrations of Biodiesel and Ethanol, the 4 HP has it covered with The Red Jacket STP, The Red Jacket Alcohol Gas (AG) STP*, and Red Armor® STP*.

* The Red Jacket AG 4 HP STP and The Red Armor 4 HP STP will be available in May 2024 

RJ Lower Cost of Ownership

Power Consumption

Red Jacket 4 HP Fixed Speed is 4% More Efficient than 4 HP Variable Speed

RJ STP Power Consumption

Flow Rate Performance

The Red Jacket 4 HP STP Pump Curve @ 230VAC 60 Hz, SG = 0.73

Red Jacket Flow Performance


Flow Rate Performance 
  • 7 simultaneous nozzles at 10 GPM flow rate  
  • 8 simultaneous nozzles at 9 – 10 GPM flow rate  
Power Requirements  
  • 4 HP, 230VAC 60 Hz, 3-Phase  
Operation Environment  
  • Class 1, Group D atmospheres  
  • Wet or dry sump space (water ingress)  
Installation Depth Range  
  • Quick Set® (Adjustable Length):  
    • RJ 1 = 81.5” – 111.5’  
    • RJ 2 = 111.5” – 171.5’
    • RJ 3 = 171.5” – 231.5’  
Packer Manifold Access Ports  
  • Siphon Ports:  
    • 2 available, ¼” NPT  
    • Vacuums generated up to 25 in Hg  
  • Line Pressure Port: 1 Available, ¼” NPT  
  • Vent Port: 1 Available, ¼” NPT  
Check Valve Compatibility  
  • Check Valve Housing Kit (P/N: 0410152-001)  
  • Red Armor® Check Valve Housing Kit (P/N: 0410152-005)  
UL Listings  
  • 100% Diesel or Gasoline  
  • Gasoline and up to 10% Ethanol, 15% Methanol, 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE, 20% TAME  
Other Agency Listings  
  • cUL 

Product Form

Part NumberDescription
0411000-001 Model: P400U4-3 RJ1, Length: 81.6” – 111.6”, 3-Phase, 230VAC 
0411000-002 Model: P400U4-3 RJ2, Length: 111.6” – 171.6”, 3-Phase, 230VAC 
0411000-003 Model: P400U4-3 RJ3, Length: 171.6” – 231.6”, 3-Phase, 230VAC 

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