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Red Jacket Product Guide

Our comprehensive Red Jacket® Product Guide highlights our complete Red Jacket Product Portfolio and covers considerations for pump selection, ordering, and more.  

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Red Jacket® Submersible Turbine Pumps

Easy to Install

Fixed speed technology cuts down installation costs and avoids electrical interference with your ATG, POS, Cameras, and Intercoms. Red Jacket Pumps also feature an integrated yoke and junction box, eliminating the need for external components and further streamlining the installation process.

Easy to Service

The Red Jacket STPs include multiple features to ensure that they are easy and safe to service. This includes easy line isolation and testing, automatic electrical disconnect and fuel drain, and isolated and integrated contractors box and capacitor housing. 

Global Safety Certification

The Red Jacket portfolio of submersible turbine pumps contains a variety of solutions to comply with global standards and are recognized by all major regulatory bodies.

Unmatched Support Network

Known for their quality and reliability, Red Jacket STPs are installed and serviced across the globe. Red Jacket products receive the highest level of support from our team of authorized service contractors and service providers.

The Red Jacket 4" STP Models

The Flagship Model
The Flagship Model
The Red Jacket STP
Built for Bio-fuels and Blends
Built for Bio-fuels and Blends
The Red Jacket AG STP
Protected from Corrosion
Protected from Corrosion
The Red Armor STP

Built to Last

The cornerstone of your fueling infrastructure, the Red Jacket® series of submersible turbine pumps guarantee hassle free installation, minimal downtime, and flawless operation.


Logistics Optimization using Advanced Controls

Flow Optimization
Flow Optimization

Monitor demand at the site and stage on additional pumps to ensure optimal fuel flow at all demand conditions.

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Connect to your TLS-450PLUS to activate tanks based on easily set fuel parameters in manifolded tanks. 

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System Redundancy
System Redundancy

Manifold together two Red Jacket STPs at sites with high demand to ensure flow rates and the ability for pumps to back each other up. 

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Virtual Siphon

Inventory Optimization

The Red Jacket IQ Control Box, ISOTROL™ 1-8 Relay Box, and TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge combine to create the flexible Virtual Siphon solution that gives users multiple settings for dispensing fuel from the tanks.

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Redundancy = Uptime

Red Jacket keeps your fuel station up and running. The Red Jacket Manifolded STP System provides increased flow rates by adding a second STP. Serve your customers faster and gain peace of mind that the maximum flow rating of your dispensers is being met.

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Optimal Protection for Fuels

Prepared for the future

The demand for higher fuel flows and lower power consumption while maintaining flexibility for service, drove the development of advanced packer and motor designs on all The Red Jacket STP models. 

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Compatible with bio-fuel blends

The increased presence of alcohol gases in fueling applications have triggered a change in the pumps needed to handle these new standards. The Red Jacket line of STPs continues to innovate to ensure compatibility.

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Combat Corrosion

The rise of new biofuels has changed the environment in sump and tank spaces resulting in the accelerated corrosion of fueling equipment. Red Jacket has risen to the challenge, creating products built to prevent or thrive in corrosive environments.

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Combat Corrosion in Sump Spaces

Corrosion of equipment in sumps causes deterioration and shortens its useful life span. As corrosion advances it has the potential to affect the integrity of piping and electrical systems, and the serviceability of submersible turbine pump (STP) equipment. 

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Built to Survive Corrosive Environments

The Red Jacket Red Armor® STP has a specialty coating on the manifold and discharge head that withstands acetic acid exposure to prevent corrosion and pitting to the cast iron surface over time. Stainless Steel construction on all exposed surfaces ensures easy maintenance for the life of the pump and the pump also features stainless-steel column piping and quick-set connector. 

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Combat Corrosion

Protect Equipment from Corrosive Conditions

Any moisture in the sump, whether it be high humidity, condensation or water ingress, can combine with fuel or vapors to create conditions for corrosion. Sump-Dri keeps the sump in better condition and ensures longer life of parts contained in the sump.

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DEF Management

CoreDEF STP: Factory Assembled and Tested, Site Ready

The Red Jacket® CoreDEF™ Submersible Turbine Pumps are a revolutionary solution that sets a higher standard in the optimization of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pumping infrastructure. The CoreDEF™ STP is the entirely customizable DEF delivery system, designed for a complete range of light to heavy duty submersible DEF applications.

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LPG Handling

Liquified Petroleum Gas Premier STPs

The Premier series is designed with a sleek and safe profile, supporting flexible applications and sufficient protection to comply with local safety regulations. With the Premier Series, Red Jacket is proud to introduce the only LPG solution capable of supplying multiple dispensers with exceptional flow rates simultaneously.

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The highest flow rates

Maxxum 6" Submersible Turbine Pump

The Maxxum STPs and unitized motor pumps provide the industry’s highest flow rates by reducing the number of restrictions within the flow path. The efficient design also leads to less power consumption, contributing to a lower lifetime cost of operation. Easy access to valves and ports allows for reliable diagnostics and fast service.

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