Fuel Management Solutions for

Retail & Convenience Operators

Increase your profits, detect and reduce fuel loss, and ensure regulatory compliance with the most advanced Automatic Tank Gauge available, the TLS-450PLUS.

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Installers & Service Contractors

Need installation support, manuals or assistance specifying the right product for the job?  Veeder-Root’s team of product support specialists and technicians are there to help.

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Bulk Fuelers

Automate custody transfer transactions at the loading rack, delivery vehicle or anywhere in between to eliminate loss & minimize paperwork with Electronic Meter Registration.

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Fuel Planners & Buyers

Gain greater visibility and proactively manage fuel sourcing, planning and dispatch; while reducing fuel costs by 4 to 6 cents per gallon with Insite360 Fuel Center.

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TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

The Hub of Your Fuel Management Operations

With an intuitive user interface, easy to understand inventory and compliance reporting, and powerful business analytics, the TLS-450PLUS is more than just a tank gauge.  It is a business operations hub, to keep your convenience store or fueling site operating at maximum profitability.  Securing your data and optimizing your site operations, that’s what Veeder-Root can do for you.

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Containment Sump Sensor

Magnetostrictive Discriminating Dispenser Pan & Containment Sump Sensor

Using proven magnetostrictive technology to detect hydrocarbons or water, Veeder-Root’s Mag Sump Sensor produces fast reaction and recovery times, which eliminates costly and unwarranted service calls and sensor replacements.

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The Red Armor® Submersible Turbine Pump

The ultimate survivor in your fueling infrastructure, the Red Armor series of submersible turbine pumps is built to last in the harshest corrosive environments created by ULSD and ethanol blends. 

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TLS4i & TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

The TLS4i and TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge systems are compact and powerful, ideal for the commercial and industrial business segments.

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The Red Jacket® CoreDEF™ Submersible Turbine Pump (STP)

The Red Jacket® CoreDEF™ Submersible Turbine Pump sets a higher standard in the optimization of Diesel Exhaust Fluid pumping infrastructure

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