Centralized Device Management (CDM) is a scalable solution that remotely deploys upgrades to TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 series consoles. It can be completely or partially automated, eliminating the time intensive process of updating and backing up consoles across an organization.

The advanced tutorial videos below provide detailed instruction for specific portions of setting up CDM Software.

Importing Data

This tutorial reviews the process for importing data for your network of sites. Importing Site and Console data makes the Organization set up process in CDM easier.

How to Associate a Console

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Registering a Console

Registering a Console with CDM allows us to use it within CDM for Packages and Plans. This tutorial shows how to register the Console with CDM.

Setting up Vaults

Vaults are storage locations that have been set up  within your network. This tutorial shows how to set up the Vault within CDM.

Plan Schedules

This tutorial looks at the scheduling of Plans and how to edit a Plans schedule.

Packages, Vaults, and Plans

This tutorial walks through the set up of a Package and how that relates to Vaults and Plans. A Package defines some work or file to be created. This can be used to back up the software and data on the Console or upgrade it's operating software. A Plan is how you schedule the Package to run.

Using the Abyss Web Server

How to use the Abyss Server

Instructions for using the Abyss server to download operating software to your consoles.

Installing CDM and the Abyss Server

Tutorial for how you install the CDM software and the Abyss web server.