Our Veeder-Root Fuel Boost tutorials show TLS-450PLUS Operators how to navigate through the operating software to access the reports they need to demonstrate compliance and manage their inventory; including these aspects of the TLS-450PLUS Software:

TLS-450PLUS Tank Overview

A quick demonstration of the TLS-450PLUS Tank Overview screen. Including how to read the tank displays and tank characteristics like; volume, ullage, temperature compensated volume, capacity, etc.  Also covered are the available limits for your tanks that can be set within the software for monitoring real-time inventory events.

TLS-450PLUS Reports and System Alarms

A quick walk through of the process for generating the reports that operators will typically need to get from the TLS-450PLUS. Including navigating through the menu and creating the System Alarms report.

TLS-450PLUS Alarm History

Generating an Alarm History report on the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge to show regulatory compliance for a specific date range.

TLS-450PLUS Delivery Reporting

Navigating to the Delivery Reports section of the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge and generating and configuring the Last Delivery report. This includes how to interpret the data presented on the Last Delivery report for reconciling your tank gauge data with delivery tickets.

TLS-450PLUS Delivery History

Continuation of the discussion of Delivery Reporting including the configuration of the Delivery History report. These reports give you access to delivery data going back up to three years and allow you to configure your reports to custom data ranges that you choose.

TLS-450PLUS Environmental Regulatory Reports

Navigating through the Environmental Regulatory Reports and the options available within the menu. Review of the Combined Tank Test report and what the report on a Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauge is providing, including examples of the full gross (3 gallon) and periodic (0.2 gallon) tests.

TLS-450PLUS Sensor Reports

In this quick tutorial Lee Girard, Product Manager for Automatic Tank Gauges, discusses the importance of sensor status and history reports and how to find them on the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge. This review also includes a look at the current status of all installed sensors and review of sensor history for a specific data range or period.

TLS-450PLUS Inventory Reports

Review of the Inventory Reporting options including; Current Inventory, Inventory History, Power Outage Inventory, and Shift Inventory. This includes a quick demonstration of how probe selection will affect available data, as well as, how to set up Inventory History records to provide daily or shift inventory reconciliation data.

TLS-450PLUS Business Inventory Reporting

Navigating to the Business Inventory Reporting feature on the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge and discussion of when and why you would use this powerful feature. This includes how the tank gauge pulls data from a forecourt controller and compares records with the TLS-450PLUS inventory reports to reconcile fuel and calculate variances.