Boosting flow and your bottom line

The Red Jacket® STPs

The cornerstone of your fueling infrastructure, the Red Jacket® series of submersible turbine pumps is the foundation model that sets the standard for high throughput, high reliability fueling applications.

They are the most widely installed submersible fuel pump in the world. And that’s because Red Jacket continues to deliver the highest efficiency, fuel flow and lowest power consumption to your fuel pumps. Since 1878, Red Jacket has continued our tradition of building a high quality, reliable pump that is BUILT TO LAST.

Advanced STP Design

The Red Jacket STP solution optimizes fuel flow and dispensing. The Red Jacket’s motor performance delivers higher flow rates than comparable submersible fuel motors. The STP also features Red Jacket’s advanced packer manifold design, making it the industry’s easiest and safest STP to install and service. This STP solution is available in ¾HP to 2HP motor configurations and fixed or Quick Set® adjustable lengths.   

Manifolding Two Red Jacket 2 HP STPs

Increase pumping capacity by manifolding two Red Jacket STPs together in the sump and using Red Jacket IQ control boxes to stage the pumps on and off as demand needs dictate. For busy sites this allows them to keep pumping even while maintenance is being performed on one of the pumps. 

Key Features

Red Jacket’s unsurpassed expertise helps your customers optimize fuel flow. Part of the industry’s leading Veeder-Root suite of products, Red Jacket’s family of Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) and Pump Controllers ensure that your customers can pump fuel quickly, efficiently and safely – whether it’s motor fuel, diesel, aviation gasoline, ethanol/methanol or kerosene – in aboveground or underground storage tanks.

Superior motor design

Higher flow rates, lower power consumption, and increased safety and reliability:

  • Up to 5% Increased Flow – Improved stator and receptacle housing design provides larger fuel paths.
  • 8% Less Power Consumption – More efficient motor design results in 8% reduction in wattage.
  • Better Quality – Red Jacket’s motor manufacturing yields improved quality, which means more station uptime than other STPs on the market.
  • Universal Compatibility – Fewer parts to stock.
  • Improved Reliability – Improved bearing design and upgraded insulation yield longer motor life.
  • Increased Safety – Maximum temperature remains ~125 degrees cooler vs. competitive models. Enhanced connectors separation meets latest flameproof standards.

Advanced packer manifold design

Fast installation, simple service and testing, and sets the standard for electrical and environmental safety:

  • Built-in Isolated Contractor’s Box – Electrical connection housing is built into the manifold and is completely isolated from the fuel path.
  • Easy to Install and Service – No adjustment required to fit yoke, assembly is quick.
  • Increased Electrical Safety – Automatic electrical yoke disconnects upon removal of extractable bolts.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Automatic breaking of extractible seal upon bolt removal ensures automatic fuel drain back into tank, protecting the environment from contamination and site owners from related liability.
  • Innovative Check Valve Design – “Open” setting makes for easier line tests and servicing.

Red Jacket Fixed Speed STPs

Red Jacket fixed speed technology is less expensive to buy, own and operate than variable speed. It delivers faster, more reliable fuel flow for the lowest cost of ownership. You do not need to add the complexity of variable speed just to meet desired flow rates to your dispensers. Fixed speed technology can be leveraged to achieve faster fill times during peak hours, while consuming less power during both operating and idle times. 


Fuel Compatibility

  • 100% Diesel
  • 100% Gasoline
  • Methanol concentrations up to 15%
  • Ethanol concentrations up to 15%
  • MTBE, ETBE, or TAME concentrations up to 20%

Motor Sizing

  • 3/4 HP, 60 HZ, 1-phase
  • 1 1/2 HP, 60 HZ, 1-phase
  • X3 1 1/2 HP, 60 HZ, 1-phase, high pressure
  • LP 2 HP, 60 HZ, 1-phase, low pressure
  • 2 HP, 60 HZ, 1-phase

Hardware Construction

Column Pipe and Riser:

  • Standard

Packer Components:

  • Stainless Steel

Protective Coatings

  • N/A

Operation Environment

  • Class 1, Group D atmospheres
  • Low Corrosion Environment
  • Dry Sump Space (No Water Ingress)

Installation Depth Range

Fixed Length 

  • 3.5' to 19'

Quick Set (Adjustable Length)

  • RJ 1 = 74.5" - 105"*
  • RJ 2 = 104.4" - 165"
  • RJ 3 = 164" - 225"

*Assumes 1.5 HP

Packer Manifold Access Ports

Siphon Ports:

  • 2 available, 1/4" NPT
  • Vacuums generated up to 25 in Hg.

Line Pressure Port:

  • 1 Available, 1/4" NPT

Vent Port:

  • 1 Available, 1/4" NPT

Check Valve Compatibility

  • Standard VR ready check valve for PLLD (410152-001)
  • High pressure check valve for high pressure applications (410152-002)


UL Listings:

  • 100% Diesel
  • 100% Gasoline
  • Gasoline and up to: 10% Ethanol, 15% Methanol, 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE, 20% TAME

Other Agency Listings:

  • cUL

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