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Veeder-Root is a leading supplier of fuel management solutions that improve profitability and reduce environmental risks for customers by delivering solutions to manage on-site operations, compliance reporting, fuel procurement, inventory reconciliation, and accounting processes.

Maintain compliance

Leak Detection Methods

All regulated underground fuel storage tanks must have leak detection (often also called release detection) so that leaks are discovered quickly before contamination spreads from the Underground Storage Tank (UST) site. Our automatic tank gauge systems provide operators with the environmental regulatory reports they need to demonstrate compliance. 

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Protect equipment

Combat In-Sump Corrosion

Corrosion of equipment in sumps causes deterioration and shortens its useful life span. As corrosion advances it has the potential to affect the integrity of piping and electrical systems, and the serviceability of submersible turbine pump (STP) equipment. Protect your business from the effects of in-sump corrosion by choosing the correct equipment for the conditions at your fuel site.

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Innovative solutions for managing diesel exhaust fluid

Integrated DEF Management System

As the demand for diesel-based Selective Catalytic Reduction vehicles continues to rise, it’s crucial for sites to optimize their diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) management systems. Veeder-Root’s portfolio of innovative solutions is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges associated with DEF, providing a complete solution for any retail or commercial site.

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Eliminate manual fuel reconciliation

Fleet Fuel Management System

Eliminate the hassle of manual fuel reconciliation methods by incorporating automated fuel management solutions into your fueling operations. Veeder-Root automatic tank gauges provide a robust platform that allows fleet operators to track and account for fuel inventory to meet strict reporting requirements.

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Automatically record fuel transfers

Solutions for Bulk Fuelers

Bulk Fuelers that have stationary or mobile fueling operations can benefit from Veeder-Root solutions that help streamline their processes.

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Minimize errors

Automate Processes in Aviation Fueling

Veeder-Root has solutions that automate the transaction process and the management of fuel inventories, minimizing errors in your process and increasing the efficiency of your operation. With automated data capture and wireless transmission of transaction data to your back-office, and real-time fuel tank inventory information, Veeder-Root has the right set of solutions to streamline the complete fuel ecosystem for both commercial and general aviation.

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