Increased Flow Rates

The Red Jacket 2+2 HP Fixed Speed Solution Increases Flow Performance*

  • Maximize Throughput Capabilities – Achieve 12 nozzles of flow at 10 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) / Nozzle
  • Reduce Lines at Dispenser – Supply fuel to 4 extra customers simultaneously while maintaining retail dispenser hydraulic specifications of flow at 10 GPM / Nozzle
  • Fuel Customers Faster – Customers will fuel more than 20% faster to fill 15 gallons with 16 nozzles running simultaneously
Red Jacket Turbine Submersible Pump Flow


Red Jacket Keeps Your Fuel Station Up & Running

Redundancy = Uptime

Automatic Failover

  • When paired with Red Jacket IQ Control Boxes, a 2+2 HP manifolded system turns on the secondary Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) if the primary STP becomes unable to pump fuel
  • This allows the site to maintain fueling operations utilizing the secondary, manifolded STP
    • A fault code will be provided, allowing for troubleshooting and a service technician to be dispatched

Performance of Line Manifolded STPs

  • IQ Control Boxes turn on the secondary STP only when needed
  • Service one STP while the other keeps your site running

Power Consumption

Red Jacket 2+2 HP Fixed Speed Solution Maximizes the Efficiency of Your Pumping System

  • Less energy is used in low and high demand scenarios by only activating the secondary STP when required
  • Reduced power requirements with simple Control Box designs
Red Jacket Turbine Pump 2+2 Diagram


Why Red Jacket Fixed Speed STP Technology

The Red Jacket Manifolded STP System provides increased flow rates by adding a second STP. Serve your customers faster and gain peace of mind that the maximum flow rating of your dispensers is being met.

By using the Red Jacket manifolded pumping system, a single STP will only come on with the associated demand. Using a manifolded system, up to 35% energy savings can be realized per configuration*. Running a larger HP motor will cause unnecessary energy to be used. It is simply more efficient to have a second motor come on with Demand Based Staging rather than to have a larger motor run for medium to large fueling applications. Supplemented with Red Jacket’s industry proven reliability with less than 1% field failure rates, your STP system is built to last.

Provide Insight to Your Fueling Operations

Gain real-time visibility regarding the performance of your STPs, make informed maintenance decisions, and ensure efficient service calls.

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* Compared to a 4 HP Variable Speed STP pumping system