Fleet Fuel Management System

Eliminate the hassle of manual fuel reconciliation methods by incorporating an automated fuel management system into your fueling operations. Veeder-Root automatic tank gauges provide a robust platform that allows fleet operators to track and account for fuel inventory to meet strict reporting requirements. Our solutions include the most comprehensive software, probe, and sensor offerings to meet your application needs, whether you have aboveground or underground storage tanks, all while keeping you in compliance with EPA Regulations.

Simplified tank monitoring

TLS4 & TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

The TLS4 and TLS4B tank monitoring systems are simplified, self-contained solutions, ideal for fleet, commercial, and industrial businessesThey provide real-time details on your fuel inventory and system status so you can accurately reconcile your fleet's fuel usage with your fuel deliveries. The TLS4 and TLS4B are built on a secure platform that includes multiple remote connectivity options to give you access to key fuel site data on demand.

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Inventory control with optional water detection

Magnetostrictive Plus In-Tank Probe

The Magnetostrictive Plus In-Tank Probe for inventory control includes the option for water detection.  It is designed for both aboveground and underground storage tank applications that require reliable and accurate inventory readings.

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Automation of data to eliminate loss

Electronic Meter Register

EMR4 ensures that capturing and transmitting transaction data is seamless and simple. Automated data capture, whether direct from the EMR4 or via DataLink, guarantees the integrity of all delivery data and reduces loss due to antiquated and manual processes. What does this mean for you? No more lost, missing, or miswritten paper tickets.

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The flexibility to customize

Mechanical Meter Register

Ideal for increased efficiency in all kinds of liquid inventory and dispensing operations. Veeder-Root mechanical registers totalize and display high-speed transactions in large, easy-to-read figures, and transmit data to a site controller. Utilizing a geared drive available in a wide selection of ratios, the Meter Register records in practically any unit of liquid measure - gallons, liters, barrels. 

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Wireless data transmission

TLS-RF Wireless 2 System

The TLS-RF Wireless 2 System provides basic fuel management, sensor monitoring, and leak detection solutions for aboveground storage tank applications. Using the latest Veeder-Root wireless communication protocol, it maximizes data transmissions and reduces interference, while delivering a more reliable and consistent data link among the probes, sensors, and automatic tank gauge.

TLS-RF Wireless-2 System: TLS-RF Console with one 900 MHz Receiver and one 900 MHz Repeater for up to 8 Probes or Mag Sump Sensors

Part Number: 0858090-203

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Veeder-Root, Gasboy Commercial Solutions, and Invenco by GVR offer a turnkey fuel management system that include dispensers, cardlock systems, and management software, submersible turbine pumps and automatic tank gauges.