EMR4 Meter Register

EMR4 Electronic Meter Register ensures that capturing and transmitting transaction data is seamless and simple. Automated data capture, whether direct from the EMR4 or via DataLink, guarantees the integrity of all delivery data and reduces loss due to antiquated and manual processes. What does this mean for you? No more lost, missing, or miswritten paper tickets.

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There is a better way

The EMR4 Electronic Meter Register system is an automated method for capturing data during fuel transfers. With multiple communication ports, programmable relays, pulse outputs, temperature compensation, OBC commands for remote control, and much more built standard into every register, EMR4 provides the versatility required for integration into any type of application.

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Meter Registration Product Guide

New Interactive Guide

Introducing a new and comprehensive Meter Registration Product Guide. This guide will assist you in specifying replacement meter registers, presets, and printers. 

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Reliable mechanical meter registers

Veeder-Root is the world leader in Mechanical Meter Registers. We have over 60 years of experience producing accurate, high quality and reliable registers. Our production experience combined with the largest available service network meets all of your mechanical register needs.

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Mechanical Computers

Increase operational longevity with the VR-10/4 Analog Mechanical Computer. Features pricing up to $3.99 per gallon and contains four transfer money wheels, operating at one-fourth normal speed while doing the same job. This means significantly longer life – particularly at higher price-per-gallon values and higher flow rates.

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