Veeder-Root Certified Technician Training

The Veeder-Root Technical Training program strives to provide our network of service technicians the highest quality, highly-accessible training so that our mutual customers will receive the best installation, start-up and service for their Veeder-Root and Red Jacket equipment.

Training Programs available:

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VeederTEC Program

The VeederTEC (Veeder-Root Technology Education Certification) program extends the reaches of our current certification program.

  • Modern adult learning-based environment
  • Customized to meet individual needs
  • Supports remote learning and access
  • More affordable than ever before

VeederTEC Benefits your Organization


  • Efficient and streamlined training platform
  • Customized experience based on learning style
  • Builds a foundation for success in the field




  • Simplifies tech certification monitoring
  • Feel confident in the capabilities of your workforce









The VeederTEC Program

Pre-requisite for VeederTEC
Pre-requisite for VeederTEC

Before starting the VeederTEC program you need to take the American Petroleum Institute's WorkSafe Contractor Safety Program  or the Petroleum Oriented Safety Training. Once done you will need to enter in your certification information into your profile in the SABA system. Read the details.

ATG Installer Certification
ATG Installer Certification

Covers installation of Veeder-Root’s Automatic Tank Gauge console and system.

Topics: background knowledge, safety, hardware, installation procedures, and features of the console

ATG Technician Certification
ATG Technician Certification

Prepares trainees to setup and service Veeder-Root ATG Consoles through a self-paced format that includes simulated interaction with a TLS-4XX gauge.

Topics: theory, hardware, console setup, reports, diagnostics, basic troubleshooting, maintaining software, and TLS-3XX consoles troubleshooting basics

ATG Expert Credentials
ATG Expert Credentials

Replaces existing recertification program with credit pool-based credentials

Topics: background knowledge, safety, hardware, installation procedures, and features of the console

ATG Installer Certification Program

If you have entry level industry and/or product knowledge, and you have already received your API or POST certification, then you are ready to take the Installer Certification Program. This course covers the installation of Veeder-Root's ATG Console and System.

Certification authorizes you to work as an installer of Veeder-Root Equipment and unlocks the Technician Certification Program.

  • Certification name: Veeder-Root Installer - North America
  • Cost: $250
  • Estimated Time Requirement: 6 Hours
  • Class ID: 0000012987
  • Delivery Method: Web-based

ATG Technician Certification

Once you have completed the ATG Installer Training you are ready for the ATG Technician Certification. This certification prepares you to setup and service Veeder-Root ATG Consoles.

This certification includes a self-paced format that includes simulated interaction with a TLS-4XX gauge. Certification holders are authorized for Veeder-Root Equipment Warranty and Startup and Annual Operability Certification Testing. Completion of the program unlocks the ATG Expert Continuing Education.

  • Certification name: Veeder-Root ATG Technician
  • Length of Certification: Two Years
  • Cost: $520
  • Estimated Time Requirement: 12 Hours
  • Course ID: VRTECWUS20
  • Class ID: 0000013207
  • Delivery Method: Web-based

HydrX Install and Service Course

Once you have your API-POST Certification, Veeder-Root Installer - North America AND one of the following: Veeder-Root TLS-3XX Technician - North America OR Veeder-Root ATG Technician, you are ready for this course. The HydrX Install and Service Course prepares Veeder-Root ATG Certified Technicians to Install and Service the HydrX™ Fuel Conditioning System. Users will become familiarized with all primary components of the HydrX system, including: the Fuel Conditioner, Water Intake Device, Guide Tube, and Fuel Conditioning Controller.

  • Cost: $25
  • Estimated Time Requirement: 1 Hour
  • Course ID: VRTHXWUS21
  • Class ID: 0000013783
  • Delivery Method: Web-based

ATG Recertification Course

This is an Online recertification course for ATG theory and covers TLS-3XX series and TLS-4XX series consoles. The course provides optional Online training videos that can be reviewed before completing the required final exam. The certification acquired from completing this course was formerly referred to as Level 4.

  • Certification name: Veeder-Root ATG Technician
  • Length of Certification: Two Years
  • Cost: $300
  • Estimated Time Requirement: 3 Hours
  • Course ID: VRTRWUS60
  • Class ID: 00003223
  • Delivery Method: Web-based

Additional Courses

Enhanced Vapor Recovery Product Training (ISD/PMC/CC)

Vapor Product Training includes the following: (California Region)

  • In-Station Diagnostic (ISD)
  • Pressure Management Control (PMC)
  • Carbon Canister/Vapor Polisher (CC)
  • TLS Wireless 2

These courses are offered by four Veeder-Root certified training centers in California:

  • Alpha Petroleum - Dixon, CA
  • Northwest Pump - San Diego, CA
  • Service Station Systems - San Jose, CA
  • C.E.Thomas-Glendale, CA

Please see the Certified Trainer Matrix for contact information. Each Certified Trainer listed has posted their ISD training schedule and tuition pricing on their company’s webpage. Registration forms are available from these trainers. TLS-350 Service Technician Certification or Recertification is a prerequisite. Enhanced Vapor Recovery Certification usually includes 1 day in a classroom and 4 hours of online coursework, renewal is required every 2 years.

Training for Red Jacket Products

Certifications for Red Jacket products are available through our Certified Training partners, please see the training partner list below. Additional online courses are also available for Red Jacket products and are listed below.

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Online Red Jacket Training

The DEF Pump

This training gives an overview of the DEF pump and its components, installation, and startup.

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Red Jacket Products

This course provides instruction on Hydraulics and Pumping Systems; including The Red Jacket Pump, Mechanical Line Leak Detection, Isotrol, IQ Controller, Maxxum, Standard, and more.

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Mechanical Line Leak Detectors

This course provides an overview of the configuration, operation, and testing of Red Jacket Mechanical Leak Detectors in fueling applications. This course will certify the technician for two years from the date of certification.

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Slow Flow Conditions

This course will assist technicians when troubleshooting slow flow conditions, specifically with STPs and Mechanical Line Leak Detectors. It is designed for troubleshooting all brands of equipment.

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