Automate Your Premium Fuel Program

The Additive Injection System (AIS) is a complete solution that delivers a premium fuel program across your network and integrates with Veeder-Root TLS Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) to automate the injection process. The AIS provides consistent distribution of additives throughout the entire delivery of fuel into gasoline and diesel storage tanks. It continuously calculates and injects every few seconds, directly into the flow stream, over the course of the delivery, which greatly improves blend uniformity as compared to competitive batch blend systems.  

Increased Loyalty & Efficiency with the Additive Injection System

EZ Go LogoLearn how EZ GO’s focus on fuel quality with the Additive Injective System has led to increased business, which comes from giving their customers convenient choices like premium grade diesel. 

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Industry Challenges

Historically, additive treatment is done either within fuel terminals during the loading of transport trucks and trailers or added manually to tanks by store personnel.  While this works for some retailers, it has created a variety of issues for others.  

  • Inability to create their own premium fuel programs 
  • Limited access or availability to terminals 
  • Fuel quality and inconsistency issues 
  • Supply issues for servicing remote locations 
  • Emerging markets may not be equipped to supply 
  • Marketing and brand differentiation 

Implement a Premium Fuel Program with an Additive Injection System  

  • Continuous and simultaneous operations for up to (8) fuel tanks with standard configuration and expandable, if required 
  • Flexible, scalable solution works with any additive tank type and size (e.g., aboveground, underground, drum) 
  • Precision measurement allows for full traceability to blend ratio and automatic adjustments to maintain blend ratios 
  • Automated injections drive efficient fuel delivery process – No driver intervention needed

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Benefits of an Additive Injection System for Retail Fueling Operations

  • Differentiate fuel offering with enhanced additive content that improves engine performance
  • Improve safety and eliminate human error involved with manually dosing tanks with additive
  • Create fuel sourcing options by taking control of premium additives  
  • An on-site fuel additive program typically yields savings of $0.02 - $0.03 per gallon, as compared to additized fuel at the rack 
    • $0.02/gallon x 10,000 gallons/day x 365 days = $73,000 annual savings 

How It Works

The integrated flow meter and control valves allow the AIS to continuously calculate and inject additive every few seconds, directly into the flow stream, resulting in hundreds of small injections over the course of the delivery; an excellent distribution of additives within the fuel is achieved.   

The AIS continuously monitors for fuel movement. When a delivery is detected, the AIS Controller will instantly calculate the amount of additive needed for each product or tank and immediately begin sequential treatment for up to (8) tanks.

The AIS Cloud provides access to configure and manage the system remotely.  

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  TMS The Additive Injection System is in partnership with Total Meter Services Inc.