Pump Status Feature with Amp and Voltage Reporting

Provide Insight to Your Fueling Operations

Gain real-time visibility regarding the performance of your Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs), make informed maintenance decisions, and ensure efficient service calls. Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) Software with Red Jacket Diagnostics runs on the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), and communication flows between the ATG and STP through the IQ Smart Control Box.

Remote Diagnostics & Control

IPC with Red Jacket Diagnostics supports the following categories of diagnostics for each Red Jacket IQ Controller: 

  • Current Operational Status – Provides pump electrical voltage and current value
  • Pump Controller Failures – Provides Controller fault indication
  • Pump Activity Log – Tracks when the pump activates
  • Pump Controller Settings – Indicates setup of Red Jacket Diagnostic / IPC monitoring software

Provides the most comprehensive site data for advanced fuel asset management, including real time updates and alerts on dispense modes, manifolding, communication and system faults.

 The IQ Smart Control Box
The IQ Smart Control Box

Contains the intelligent circuitry that allows the communication path to flow between the ATG and STP, providing key data for site owners to make informed business decisions.

IQ Smart Control Box
Red Jacket Fixed Speed STP
Red Jacket Fixed Speed STP

Optimizes the fueling process and provides real-time performance data. The IPC Software with Red Jacket Diagnostics empowers you with the data needed to make informed site operation decisions.

Fixed Speed STP


Flow Optimization
  • Utilizes pump staging to optimize consistent delivery of product at the nozzle (Helper Mode)
  • Switch on the Fly – Provides continuous line pressure during staging from pump to pump
Operational Redundancy
  • Utilizes communication messaging between Red Jacket IQ controller to understand which pump needs help
Equipment Loading
  • Data feedback provides electrical loads to help understand UMP performance
Inventory Control
  • Manages inventory based on three criteria: (1) low product threshold in tank, (2) height of product in tank, or (3) volume of product in tank
Equipment Protection
  • Provides feedback via TLS on IQ controller operational status
  • Monitors pump status to provide details for proactive service


Diagnostics and Faults

Here is a list of the new equipment alarms provided on the TLS-450PLUS through IPC that helps diagnose and troubleshoot Red Jacket STP conditions before technicians are dispatched.

Communication Failures
TLS Alarm/Pump Controller Comm Screen Status Description/Cause IQ Control Box Red LED Indicator
  • IQ Control Box has not been calibrated to the current STP

Device is Uncalibrated (1 Flash)

Overload/Locked Rotor
  • Overcurrent Condition (e.g., Locked Rotor, Pump Shutoff)

Overcurrent Fault (2 Flashes)

Dry Run
  • Protection to prevent UMP from spinning without product available in the tank

  • Motor trying to pump when no product is available

Dry Run Fault (3 Flashes)

  • Low AC Current

Low AC Current (4 Flashes)

Network Area
  • Setup/Communications Error

Setup/Communication Error (5 Flashes)

Under Voltage
  • Voltage level below threshold levels for 5 consecutive reads

Low Line Voltage (6 Flashes)

  • IQ Control Box Normal/Bypass jumper left in Bypass position

Bypass Mode (7 Flashes)

Extended Run
  • Unitized Motor Pump (UMP) is being monitored to determine if it has been running for too long

Extended Run (8 Flashes)

Open Circuit
  • IQ Control Box is off or the motor is completely disconnected


Equipment Compatibility

Red Jacket IQ Controller: 008800511 (120V), 008800581 (120V w/ 2HP fixed speed capacitor), 008800521 (240V), 008800591 (240V w/ 2HP fixed speed capacitor).

  • TLS-450PLUS with IPC/Red Jacket Diagnostic Enhancement


Integration Solution for 3rd Party Pump Controllers

The TLS-450PLUS ATG can also monitor and control Non-Red Jacket submersible pump controller/pump sets with IPC.

  • Receive communication alarms from the pump controller/Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) when issues arise for immediate action
  • Use data to better understand STP performance and needed maintenance measures
  • Proactively service equipment to ensure maximum uptime IPC allows the TLS-450PLUS ATG to display and report STP activity through a direct communication link between a STP pump controller and the TLS-450PLUS system via a RS-485 connection.