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The Fuel Management System to Grow Your Business On

With an easy to understand navigation, streamlined inventory and compliance reporting, and powerful business analytics, the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a powerful tool that allows you to run fueling operations at peak efficiency. And, with frequent releases of operating software for the TLS-450PLUS tank gauge you can be assured that data is secure and software features are routinely updated and enhanced. 

The Hub of Your Compliance Program

Keeping compliant is vital to ensuring you’re not cutting into profits with costly fines or fees. The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge is designed to help you meet those requirements and maintain compliance records so you’re not tied down with red tape. With the availability to connect to a multitude of sensors, and features like Continuous Statistical Leak Detection or Electronic Line Leak Detection, the TLS-450PLUS fuel management system is flexible to suit the best compliance methods for your business.

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Featured TLS-450PLUS ATG Software Enhancements

Business Inventory Reconciliation

Business Inventory Reconciliation

Track all fuel inventory as it enters or exits in each of your underground tanks, regardless of delivery or dispensing activity. Business Inventory Reconciliation includes optional AccuChart Tank Calibration software to create a precise tank chart and further reduce fuel variances.

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Continuous Statistical Leak Detection

Continuous Statistical Leak Detection

A certified leak-testing technology that continuously monitors fuel height and temperature to detect quiet periods in the underground storage tank and collect leak-detection data during idle times. Continuous Statistical Leak Detection uses sophisticated statistical analysis to evaluate all information and create a database for compliance reporting.

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Virtual Siphon Feature

Virtual Siphon Feature

For store operators using manifolded tanks, the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge can be easily programmed to determine when to activate a specific tank based on the tanks fuel height, volume, or other setting specific to the pump configuration. Virtual Siphon connects TLS-450PLUS systems with Red Jacket Control Boxes to give site managers total inventory control.

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TLS-450PLUS ATG Features

Intuitive User Access

  • Customized home screen and favorites options enable easy access to commonly used screens
  • Workflow Wizard for easy step by step configuration

  • PLUS-size 8” color WVGA LCD display provides simple touch screen navigation

  • Built-in help functionality for troubleshooting

  • Customized alarm settings, automated reporting, and Email notifications

Enhanced Business Analytics and Performance

  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) improves business decisions by combining meter transaction sales with AccuChart 3.0 Tank Calibration to better understand the site variance

  • Timed Sudden Loss Detection monitors unexpected changes in inventory, exposing possible issues including theft during quiet periods

  • Standard configuration allowing for up to 64 inputs, expandable to 256

  • Unmatched performance with 5x processing speed, 8x memory and 2x data storage than the previous generation Automatic Tank Gauge

  • Built-in data logging enables approved data transfer for wet stock management

Worry-Free Regulatory Compliance

  • The largest volume available today for extended line leak detection, supporting ever-growing fuel site locations.

  • Third-party evaluated and certified leak detection systems by the National Work Group of Leak Detection Evaluators (NWGLDE), providing independent support of product effectiveness.

  • Streamlined reports allow quick and easy data access while eliminating manual recording errors.

  • Smart data back-up prevents data loss during system maintenance and during power outages.


Frequent Software Updates
Frequent Software Updates

Stay ahead of potential threats and weaknesses with routinely updated operating software. Veeder-Root is also setting the industry standard when it comes to software deployment, including new tools like Centralized Device Manager that manages console software updates across a network.

System Security
System Security

Designed to limit system vulnerabilities, the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge segments security for optimal protection. This includes the use of partitioned Ethernet Ports to separate trusted network from internet, and the ability to reassign or control the availability of ports.

Custom User Access
Custom User Access

Implementing a program for securing user access helps to reduce risks directly on the gauge. Using front panel security, username and password requirements, and predefined or custom user roles to assign permissions, the customer user access features of the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge support better data control.

Security is built into the process
Security is built into the process

Our iterative process to developing and releasing software updates for the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge includes multiple active security scans based on known industry vulnerabilities. 


Number of Tanks Monitored


Number of Tanks Monitored with Business Inventory Reconciliation


Sensor Inputs

99 of any one type

Line Leak Testing

16 lines

High Voltage Outputs


High Voltage Inputs


Low Voltage Inputs


Touch Screen Display

8” Color WVGA LCD




  • Ethernet

  • RS-232

  • RS-485

  • USB

  • SiteFax

  • EDIM

Available Modules

  • Universal Sensor Module

  • Universal Input / Output Module

  • 10 Amp Relay Controller Module


Storage Temperature Range

-40 ° F to 158 ° F (-40 ° C to 70 ° C)

Operating Temperature Range

+32 ° F to 104 ° F (0 ° C to 40 ° C)


18.4 x 11 x 8.8


  • UL, cUL

  • ATEX

  • IECEx

  • Third party certification of leak detection capabilities

TLS-450PLUS Operator Tips

Environmental Regulatory Reports

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Business Inventory Reporting

View more TLS-450PLUS Operator Tips

Product Form

Standard Console Software and Hardware Configurations

Product Number Description


TLS-450PLUS Application Software (Order one per console)


TLS-450PLUS Console with Display, Printer, 3 Ethernet and Dual USB/Expansion, Dual RS-232, (UL/cUL)


TLS-450PLUS Console with Display, Printer, 3 Ethernet and Dual USB/Expansion, Dual RS-232/RS-485, (UL/cUL)

TLS-450PLUS USM and UIOM Modules

Product Number Description


Universal Sensor/Probe Interface Module (USM) for TLS-450PLUS


Universal Input/Output Interface Module (UIOM) for TLS-450PLUS


10-Amp Relay Module for TLS-450PLUS


TLS-450PLUS Communication Modules

Product Number Description


SiteFaxTM Interface Module (Comm. Slots 1,2,3), for TLS-450PLUS


Single RS-232 Interface Module (Comm. Slots 1,2,3), for TLS-450PLUS


RS-232 Dual Interface Module (Comm. Slots 1,2,3), for TLS-450PLUS


RS-232/RS-485 Dual Interface Module (Comm. Slots 1,2,3), for TLS-450PLUS

Remote Connectivity Options for the TLS-450PLUS ATG



Take action to resolve on site issues remotely by connecting to settings and diagnostics on your tank gauge using the web-enabled feature. View your site's status, run reports and make adjustments without being on site.

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THE PLUS VIEW is a free mobile app for Android and Apple iOS that connects you directly to tank gauge data no matter where you are. Now Managers and owners can easily monitor their fuel site inventory and alarms while they are off site.


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THE REMOTE VIEW application provides a real-time connection to fuel inventory and alarms. This app is available for Android and Apple iOS and is formatted specifically for a better experience on tablets for in store for site personnel.


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