Centralized Device Management (CDM) is a scalable solution that remotely deploys upgrades to TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 series consoles. It can be completely or partially automated, eliminating the time intensive process of updating and backing up consoles across an organization. The tutorial videos below discuss CDM Software and how to navigate and configure its primary functions.

CDM Overview

A quick Overview of the primary navigation and functions in CDM.

Sites, Consoles, and Groups Overview

Discussion of the structure of Centralized Device Management and how to set up Sites, Consoles, and Groups, to best reflect your Organizational structure.

Installing CDM on Your Network

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

User Interface Overview

A review of the log in process and first screens and navigation of the main User interface for CDM. This includes a quick look at the Help and About Us sections.

Help Features

An overview of the important information on the About Us page and the Help features. Including how the Help features provide context on each page, as well as how to search the Help section.

Adding Organizations

This tutorial discusses how to create your Organization within the Centralized Device Management software.

Adding Sites

After selecting an Organization you are brought to a list of Sites that are within that Organizations. This tutorial shows how to navigate the Site listings and add new sites.

Adding Consoles

Once a Site has been created a Console can be added to the site. This tutorial walks through the Console creation and set up process.

Creating Groups

Groups are a way to organize Consoles into a logical order for your Organization. This video shows Users how to add Groups and Sub-Groups.

Change Management



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