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Ensure Safety and Compliance

In July of 2015, the EPA released an update to their regulations for underground storage tanks. Since it had been 27 years since the regulations were issued, some changes due to new technology and what has been learned over the years is expected. That being said, there are new requirements around more frequent testing of equipment and training of personnel that will cause most retailers to make some changes.

The new regulations cover a variety of topics; here are a couple of changes worth noting:

  • Added secondary containment requirements for new and replaced tanks and piping
  • Added operator training requirements
  • Added periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems
  • Removed past deferrals for emergency generator tanks, field constructed tanks, and airport hydrant systems

Each site operator should understand the revisions to the EPA's Underground Storage Tank Regulations.

Please review the resources below to see how Veeder-Root products meet the EPA’s UST requirements.