Vapor Sensor

The Vapor Sensor detects hydrocarbon vapor exceeding the programmed threshold limit in the monitoring well.

Detect dangerous hydrocarbon vapors in dry monitoring wells.

When vapors exceed a programmed threshold, the Vapor Sensor sends an audible and visual signal to a Veeder-Root automatic tank gauge console telling you where the problem is, so you can act quickly to prevent serious safety and environmental hazards.

Product Form

Part Number



Vapor Sensor


4-inch (100mm) cap and adapter kit (Sold separately)


Key Features

  • Hydrocarbon vapor exceeding the programmed threshold triggers a Fuel Alarm

  • Liquid present in the monitoring wells triggers a Water Alarm

  • Withstands removal and replacement from monitoring well without sensor damage

  • Easy install: only three wires required to connect to an automatic tank gauge console


Fuel Compatibility

Gas, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gas, E15,

Alarm Notification

Short Alarm: A short has occurred in the sensor wiring or in the sensor

Water Alarm: The vapor sensor in immersed in water and is incapable of detecting fuel vapors

Fuel Alarm: Fuel vapors are present in the area being monitored by the sensor

Sensor Out: Sensor not communicating to ATG Console

Operating Principle


Product Activation

Gasoline Vapor >500 ppm

Operating Temp

-13 to +122°F (-25 to +50°C)


4.9” (12.4cm) Long, 1.1” (2.8cm) in Diameter

Standard Cable

18ft (5.5m)