The Red Jacket® Sump-Dri™ Desiccant System

The Red Jacket® Sump-Dri™ Desiccant System uses a specifically formulated dessicant blend that protects equipment in the submersible pump sump from corrosive conditions.

The Sump-Dri Desiccant System should be installed in sump spaces that frequently have increased moisture or ethanol vapors. Any moisture in the sump, whether it be high humidity, condensation or water ingress, can combine with ethanol vapors to create conditions for corrosion. Sump-Dri keeps the sump in better condition and ensures longer life of parts contained in the sump.

Up to 6 months of protection

Sump‐Dri units are expected to protect a 75-100 cu.ft. space for up to 6 months under typical conditions, but functional duration may be shorter or longer depending on humidity level, temperature, how well the sump is sealed, and frequency that the sump space is opened. Larger spaces or extended maintenance periods may elect to install multiple units. Sump-Dri units should be changed when the desiccant in the upper chamber has completely depleted.


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Sump-Dri Desiccant Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps the sump in better condition, enabling easier access for service and ensuring longer life of parts contained in the sump.
  • Developed to prevent and control corrosion that leads to the degradation of equipment.
  • Custom desiccant blend specifically formulated to protect equipment in the STP sump from corrosive conditions, by reducing relative humidity and neutralizing corrosive acetic acid vapors.
  • Absorbed moisture and neutralized acetic acid vapors create a brine solution, which is collected and trapped in the reservoir to limit re-evaporation.
  • Shown to reduce relative humidity by 55%.
  • Included carabiner is used to clip Sump-Dri to be hung from the submersible turbine pump, or other existing equipment in sump.
  • Sump-Dri should be positioned as high as possible in the sump. Height can be adjusted using plastic slide on strap unclipped from Sump-Dri, looped around equipment, then re-attached to the unit.
  • Use alone or in conjunction with protective coatings for added insurance.
  • For maximum effectiveness, sump should be tight and free from standing water. Sump lids and covers should be in good condition. 

Installing the Sump-Dri™ Desiccant System

Included mounting hardware allows Sump-Dri to be suspended from the submersible turbine pump eyebolt, or from existing piping in the sump. For maximum effectiveness, the sump and lid should be well sealed and free from standing water. Sump-Dri does not absorb standing water, only moisture from the air.

Build a system that prevents corrosion

As corrosion advances it has the potential to affect the integrity of piping and electrical systems, and the serviceability of submersible turbine pump equipment. Learn more about the causes of corrosion and the equipment needed in your fueling system to help prevent it.

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Collection Capacity

1 gallon

Typical Waste Brine Volume when Depleted 

1.0 to 1.4 gallons (4”‐7” of brine) 

Operating Temperature

-4° to 150°F [-20° to 65°C]

Storage Temperature

-4° to 150°F [‐20° to 65°C]


15.5" x 15.5" x 3.25"


Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics

Unsaturated Weight

5.5 lbs

Saturated Weight

14 lbs

Shelf Life

3 years, under typical conditions, when left in sealed barrier bag


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