Automated Fuel Management

The TLS-450PLUS ATG Virtual Siphon Feature provides store operators the ability to control tanks inventory levels based on operational needs.

When a location utilizes a line manifold system with two or more tanks, this feature allows the store operators to use the TLS-450PLUS automatic tank gauge system to decide when to activate a specific tank based on the tanks fuel height, volume, or other setting specific to the pump configuration. In addition to this capability, the TLS system will activate the unused tank while the other tank is still active to ensure no disruption of dispensing occurs during the tank switch over event. 

With the Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS ATG, Virtual Siphon is easy to program, monitor and maintain, and provides the site with STP redundancy and backup operation. 

Key Features

  • Inventory and delivery reporting

  • Consolidated delivery information for easy fuel ordering

  • Maintain constant at the nozzle flow when switching from tank to tank

  • Programmable switch levels to reduce STP cycling

  • Continuous inventory monitoring with built in pump control logic.

  • Alarm and warning notifications when fuel tanks require fuel delivery intervention

Required Equipment

To take advantage of the Virtual Siphon Feature customers must have the TLS-450PLUS ATG, Veeder-Root Electronic Line Leak Detection System and/or our pump control Universal Input-Output interface Module (UIOM).


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