TDIM and Allied Interface – TLS-450PLUS Setup


How to enable TDIM capabilities with a TLS-450PLUS console:

Menu -> Setup -> Communication -> TDIM Port

  • Configured: Enabled
  • Label: Example: TDIM or POS
  • Port Number: 35555
  • Protocol: VRProtocolDIM
  • Units Reports: Default is set to US

Wiring Configurations

Wiring Configurations-Allied

Ensure both the TLS-450PLUS and NeXGen are on the same subnet. Assigned ports in both the TLS-450PLUS and Allied must match, as shown above.


Further Information

  • Contact Veeder-Root Technical Support at 1.800.323.1799 for additional help or questions.
  • Learn more about BIR on our website.
  • Download the technical support notification as a PDF.