AIS Cloud

The Additive Injection System (AIS) Cloud is an enterprise feature that allows for remote management of devices. With the AIS Cloud, reporting and blend ratios changes across the network are managed seamlessly with a single interface. Device hierarchies can be set to make changes globally, regionally, or by site. The following functionality is offered through the AIS Cloud.


Device Control

Device Configuration

System Status


Service Mode

Update Additive Ratios

Faults and Warnings

Usage Forecasts

Check Procedure

Update Additive Batch Size

Email Notifications

Volume Throughputs


Update Tank Blend

Check Procedures Status

Blend Accuracy



Service Mode Status

Additive Consumption



Pump Status

Historic Tank Status

Remote Start


Additive Volume Tracking


AIS Portal

The AIS Portal is a convenient interface to manage all your AIS locations and their status at each site through the cloud, from anywhere you have connectivity.

  TMSThe Additive Injection System is in partnership with Total Meter Services Inc.