Increased functionality for the TLS-450PLUS console

The Universal Input and Output Interface Module (UIOM) is a multi-functional board for use with the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge. The Universal Input and Output Interface Module provides 5 High Power Inputs and Outputs to provide pump control for Submersible Pumps and other pumping systems, and 4 additional External Inputs.   

Product Form

Part Number



Universal Input / Output Interface Module (UIOM) for TLS-450PLUS ATG

Key Features

  • Fail safe Relay

    • Designed to open in the event of a hardware failure or power loss.

  • Flexible installation

    • Can be installed in Slots 1 through 4 in the TLS-450PLUS console or TLS-XB Expansion Box

  • Romex connection

    • Ensures field wiring is securely fastened to the system


Number of External Contacts


External Contact Type

12Vdc., 0.115A

Number of Relay Contacts


Relay Contact Type

120/240Vac 5A, 30 Vdc 5A / Fuse Ratings 5A, 250Vac Type T (Slo-Blo)

Number of AC Inputs


AC Input Type

120 / 240Vac., 0,10A