Patented measurement technology

The Veeder-Root Electronic Pressurized Line Leak Detection system can be used in a variety of pressurized line applications.  Our patented technology performs leak test at full pump pressure for 0.1 gph precision and a pressure decay test to meet the US EPA’s continuous 3.0 gph gross test requirement. When partnered with our TLS-450PLUS ATG, large volume customers can now monitor lines that exceed 1100 gallons. 

Product Form

Part Number


Supported Console


Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detector without Swiftcheck Valve



Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detector with Swiftcheck Valve



16 Input Universal Sensor Module



5 Input and Output Interface Module (STP Control)


Key Features

  • Proven pressure transducer technology

  • No restriction of fuel flow

  • Utilizes Swift Check Valve on early generation Red Jacket Submersible Pumps

  • Test lines at full pressure for quick and accurate result

  • Standard 3.0 gph, Optional 0.2 and 0.1 gph testing

  • Not impacted by thermal contraction of fuel

  • Installs without breaking piping or adding a new sump

  • Supports a wide-range of pump and pipe types

  • Several options based on TLS system

  • Pressure Sensor constructed with Stainless Steel to meet the challenges of a highly corrosive environment


Operating Temperature

-25 ° F to +130 ° F

Compatible Fuel Types

  • Unleaded Gasoline

  • Leaded Gasoline

  • 5% Methanol

  • Up to 100% Ethanol

  • 15% MTBE

  • Diesel

  • Biodiesel (Up to B100)

  • Kerosene

  • Jet Fuel

  • Aviation Gasoline

Line Flow Rate

120 GPM Max w/ Swiftcheck Valve

Operating Range

0 – 70 PSI

Proof Pressure

200 PSI

Maximum Vertical Pipeline Height Above Transducer

11 Feet

Minimum Pump Output Pressure

23 PSI