Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring Accessories by Veeder-Root | Veeder-Root

Tank Monitoring Accessories

Tank level monitoring accessories improve the level and speed of communication required by site owners for alerting themselves to changes detected by their automatic tank gauging systems. Remote tank level monitoring options include Ethernet and modem communications cards, as well as audible alarms for tank monitors.

  • Overfill Alarm & Acknowledgement Switch

    Overfill Alarm & Acknowledgement Switch

    When there’s a potential for overfill, the overfill alarm activates the TLS overfill warning horn and light.


  • MODBUS / BACnet Gateway

    MODBUS / BACnet Gateway

    The MODBUS / BACnet Gateway is an add-on component to TLS family Automatic Tank Gauges that allows multiple protocols to communicate ATG information to Building Automation Systems.

  • Direct Burial Cable

    Direct Burial Cable

    The proven alternate to rigid conduit installations for probes and sensors. Veeder-Root offers the complete solution – from manuals to...

  • Connect Directly to LANs & WANs using Ethernet Communications Card

    TLS-350/300 Ethernet Communications Card

    Made for the TLS-350 and TLS-300, it allows broadband access at the site to transmit information at a specific time...

  • SiteFax Modem  (TLS-300/350)

    SiteFax Modem (TLS-300/350)

    Transmit weekly leak test reports and alarms to eight different numbers without lifting a finger. SiteFax modem will send information...

  • TLS-RF Wireless 2 System for Fuel Management, Monitoring & Leak Detection

    TLS-RF Wireless 2 System

    TLS-RF Wireless 2 System provides basic fuel management, sensor monitoring, and leak detection solutions when hard wiring is not a...

  • TLS-RF Wireless 2 System for Fuel Management, Monitoring & Leak Detection

    Inform.Net Remote Site Management Software

    Inform.NET is a client/server web-enabled enterprise fuel management software solution that any size network of automatic tank gauges can utilize.