Lower Cost of Installation

Veeder-Root direct burial wiring solution offers a complete installation solution for your Veeder-Root storage tank and containment monitoring system. This proven alternative to flexible or rigid conduit installations for probes and sensors provides an overall lower cost of ownership for your solution then the typical site construction practices.

The system provides all the necessary materials and tools to complete your construction needs, such as installation manuals, cable specifications, filler rods and a wide variety of installation tools. All available through your Veeder-Root representative.

Product Form

Part Number*



Filler Rod


2-Conductor Cable


3-Conductor Cable

*Refer to the Veeder-Root Price List for filler rod and cable lengths and the corresponding 3-digit Form Number suffix.

Installation tools and accessories

Part Number



Filler Rod Installation Tool (includes adjustable depth wheels for 1/8", 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" saw cuts)

Key Features

  • The key benefit to burying cables underground is the protection gained from environmental conditions such water collection in conduits and lack of proper grounding of the conduit.
  • Lower overall labor and maintenance costs in comparison to customary underground conduit systems
  • Premium 2 and 3 conductor cable and filler lengths from 100” to 2,000”
  • Installation manuals, cables, filler rod and tools available
  • To determine the proper length for your site, first order your free Direct Burial Cable Site Preparation Kit (Kit No. 848100-500)