Magnetostrictive Probe Technology by Veeder-Root | Veeder-Root

Magnetostrictive Probes

Magnetostrictive probe technology provides underground storage tank and above ground storage tank owners a highly accurate device to measure and transmit water height, fluid height and temperature to a monitoring device. In addition, Veeder-Root probes support in-tank leak detection to assist in compliance management.

  • MagPlus Leak Detection Probe

    MagPlus Leak Detection Probe

    Designed for pin-point performance and certified for inventory control, the Mag Plus Leak Detection Probe can detect in-tank leaks in...

  • MagPlus Inventory Measurement Probe

    MagPlus Inventory Measurement Probe

    Designed for both aboveground (AST) and underground (UST), this probe solution meets even the most challenging alternative fluid and non-retail...

  • Magnetostrictive Probes for Alternative Fluid

    Magnetostrictive Probes for Alternative Fluid

    Designed to provide highly accurate, in-tank leak detection and inventory control in fluids of up to 100% alcohol...


  • Mag-D Density Probe

    Mag-D Density Probe

    Designed to quickly and accurately identify the integrity of your fuel delivery using temperature-compensated density measurement...