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TLS-300C/I Automatic Tank Gauges

TLS-300C/I Automatic Tank Gauges

The TLS-300C and TLS-300I tank gauges are a cost-effective and configurable tank gauging solution for smaller tank retailers and commercial operators.

The TLS-300C is ideal for smaller, 1 or 2 tank retailers and commercial operators, while the TLS-300I is big help for smaller, 3 or 4 tank retailers. Both provide basic fuel and compliance monitoring with the proven reliability of more than a half million Veeder-Root tank installations worldwide. They can be configured to provide in-tank leak detection or continuous statistical leak detection (CSLD) for your underground storage tanks.

Key features:

  • Tank gauge system monitoring for up to two tanks (TLS-300C), and up to four tanks (TLS-300I)
  • In-tank warnings and alarms for leaks, overfills, low product, sudden loss, high water, delivery needs, test failures, tank tests not performed
  • Integral printer documents inventory leak detection, alarms, and setup information
  • SiteFax modem for remote management of leak detection and inventory alarms and reports 

Key benefits:

  • Automatic continuous leak sensing in tank interstitial space and piping sump
  • Audible alarm and display indicates leak location
  • In-tank warnings and alarms are activated for the following conditions: leak, overfill, low product, sudden loss, high water, delivery needed, test failure, tank test not performed
  • Accepts up to eight interstitial/containment float switch sensors. Interstitial and piping sump warnings and alarms are activated for fuel presence, low liquid, high liquid
  • Inputs and outputs. Two built-in inputs provide for solid-state or switch input from external devices. Two built-in output relays provide for outputs to overfill alarms and external audible and visual warning devices. Either relay can shut down the submersible if power to the monitor is lost or a leak is detected
  • Emergency generator applications are selectable via programming
  • One system handles a mix of standard and emergency generator tanks
  • Complete inventory reports before and after generator operation