The vapor containment space can account for the loss of thousands of gallons of petroleum product a year if left unmanaged. Veeder-Root offers multiple products for monitoring and managing the vapor containment space before your product evaporates from your inventory and bottom line.

Monitor Vapor with Continuous Pressure Monitoring (CPM)

Annual inspections of service stations regularly find leaks that must be fixed to remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.  Loose fittings and cracked lines that cause leaks represent vapor loss in the form of fugitive emission into the atmosphere and a loss of revenue to the bottom line.  CPM will notify the operator when leaks are created to prevent loss of product in the form of vapor emissions to the environment for weeks or months.  CPM is the most exhaustive monitoring system for containment pressure and leaks.

Registro Automatico de Presion (RAP) 

RAP is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Mexico NOM-004 regulations.  It is based on the CPM product with specific thresholds and alarms to maintain compliance with the regulatory requirements in that region. Station owners in regions outside of Mexico should use the APM product.

We feel protected and confident that we have acquired the best technological tool to comply with the NOM-004-ASEA-2017 and additionally we, CORPOGAS group, can continue to grow while maintaining our direction.

Manage Vapor with the Carbon Canister Vapor Polisher (CCVP)

CCVP is the most advanced solution available for managing the vapor containment space at a gas station.  This technology uses activated carbon to hold the hydrocarbons to lower the pressure in the underground storage tank (UST) minimizing vapor losses due to fugitive emissions.  Vacuum created during periods of dispensing returns vapors captured by the CCVP to the UST.  The CCVP mounts on the vent stack and works with CPM to ensure a tight containment space that with emissions below the CARB standards.

Carbon Canister Vapor Polisher Specifications 


56” high X 12” Diameter

Housing Material

Aluminum, Anodized and Powder Coated


70 lbs

Electrical Control

Solenoid valve wired to TLS350



Product Form

Product Number




CPM Software Enhancement Module

Available in the TLS 350



Available in the TLS-450PLUS


CCVP (2” Vent Pipe)

For use with TLS 350


CCVP (3” Vent Pipe)

For use with TLS 350


Pressure Sensor



Vapor Pressure Sensor Site Startup up Kit



Universal Enclosure Kit

For mounting on the vent stack