TLS-3XX Series Consoles Operator's Manual (576013-610)

This manual details viewing/printing instructions for every available TLS-3XX console operation mode function. Depending on your console type and its installed features, you may only see (and be able to access) some of the functions and/or steps, just skip over the material in this manual that does not apply to your particular installation. The procedures in this manual assume that your system has already been set up by a Certified Contractor.

The manual is divided into sections for each operation mode function beginning with Section 4, In-Tank Inventory, and includes the following mode functions:

  • In-Tank Inventory
  • Tanker Load Report

  • Last-Shift Inventory

  • CSLD Test Results

  • WPLLD Tests

  • Pump Relay Monitor Status Reports

  • Vapor Sensor Status

  • 2-Wire C.L. Status

  • In-Tank Leak Detection Test

  • Test Output Relays

  • Start Mag Sump Sensor Leak Test

  • VMC Status Reports

  • Reconciliation Mode

  • Changing Printer Paper

  • Maintenance Report - TLS-350 Only

  • Delivery Maintenance
  • Fuel Management

  • In-Tank Test Results

  • PLLD Tests

  • VLLD Tests

  • Liquid Status Reports

  • Groundwater Sensor Status

  • 3-Wire C.L. Status

  • How To Stop In-Tank Leak Tests

  • Mag Sump Sensor Leak Test Results

  • Smart Sensor Status

  • Diagnostic Mode

  • Troubleshooting

  • System Periodic Maintenance Checklist

  • Maintenance Tracker - TLS-350 Only

TLS-3XX Consoles, Gilbarco EMC Series Consoles, ProPlus/ProMax Series Consoles Site Prep and Installation Manual (576013-879)

This manual describes site preparation and installation procedures for the following consoles:


  • Veeder-Root TLS-300 Consoles
  • ProPlus Consoles
  • Gilbarco EMC Basic Consoles


  • Veeder-Root TLS-350 Series Consoles
  • ProMax Consoles
  • Gilbarco EMC Consoles

This manual assumes that you are installing the console in a new site (before pavement is put down and with no wiring runs in place). Among the topics covered are:

  • Site layout considerations.
  • Installing the console and connecting wiring from the AC power panel.
  • Probe installation procedures.
  • Sensor installation procedures.
  • Installing wiring conduit between the console and the probes and sensors.
  • Probe and sensor field junction box wiring diagrams.
  • Attaching sensor wiring to the console.


TLS-3XX Series Consoles System Setup Manual (576013-623)

This manual lists programming instructions for every available TLS-3XX Console Setup Function. Depending on your console type and its installed features, you may only see (and be able to program) some of the Functions and/or Steps. Skip over the material in this manual that does not apply to your particular installation. You cannot perform these setup procedures until the console, probes, and sensors have been installed and connected.

The manual is divided into sections for each Setup Function beginning with Section 5, System Setup, and includes the following:

  • System Setup
  • In-Tank Setup

  • Fuel Management

  • Wireless Pressurized Line Leak Detection

  • Volumetric Line Leak Tests

  • Pump Sense Setup

  • Reconciliation Setup

  • Vapor Sensor Setup

  • 2-Wire C.L. Sensor Setup

  • External Input Setup

  • Line Disable Setup

  • VMC Setup

  • Communications Setup

  • In-Tank Leak Tests

  • Pressurized Line Leak Detection

  • Volumetric Line Leak Detection

  • Line Leak Test Lockout

  • Pump Relay Monitor Setup

  • Liquid Sensor Setup

  • Groundwater Sensor Setup

  • 3-Wire C.L. Sensor Setup

  • Output Relay Setup

  • Smart Sensor Setup

  • Archive Utility

TLS-3XX Series Consoles Troubleshooting Guide (576013-818)

This manual contains troubleshooting information for the TLS-3XX Series Consoles. Most of the components discussed in this manual are replaceable and not repaired. The intent of this manual is to help you identify replaceable parts and assemblies, explain alarms and diagnostic displays, provide accepted troubleshooting guidelines for sensor, probe and DIM problems, and include actual examples illustrating methods for isolating CSLD and BIR problems. Information on individual plug-in modules is covered in manuals accompanying those components and/or systems.

  • System Description
  • Fuses
  • Diagnostic Mode
  • Sensor Troubleshooting
  • Dispenser Interface Modules
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation Troubleshooting
  • Software Version Feature List
  • Warning and Alarm Messages
  • Console Troubleshooting
  • Probe Troubleshooting
  • Continuous Statistical Leak Detection Troubleshooting

Maintenance Service Codes (577013-874)

Maintenance codes for the TLS-3xx series consoles for the following categories:

  • General
  • System
  • Communications
  • Line Leak Detection
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery
  • Submersible Pump
  • Point of Sale
  • Inspection / Testing
  • Sensors
  • Tanks
  • Dispenser Interface Modules
  • VLLD Alarms
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery
  • Dispenser
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Hanging Hardware


TLS-350 Series Board and Software Replacement (576013-637)

This manual contains instructions for replacing the following TLS-350 series console components:

  • ECPU Board
  • ECPU Board TLS Setup Storage Device
  • ECPU Board Software Module
  • Software Modules and Memory Modules (ECPU)
  • ECPU Board Backup Battery

This manual does not provide troubleshooting information.