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Maintenance Tracker

Maintenance Tracker Software

Improve ATG access control and compliance reporting. Veeder-Root’s Maintenance Tracker uses a unique technician key concept to prevent unauthorized tampering with critical sensors and to validate certifications before alarms can be cleared.

Key features:

Protected alarms remain on display until log-in acknowledgment:

  • Sump sensor alarms, including Mag Sump Sensor
  • Position sensitive alarms
  • Input alarms

Enhanced history:

  • Three-year rolling history of protected and compliance alarms
  • All techs log-ins/log-outs
  • All service events with codes
  • Last 12 monthly tank and line leak tests

Key benefits:

  • Eliminates uncontrolled access to critical ATG functions
  • Meets regulator requirements to prevent unauthorized tampering with ATG and critical sensor
  • Three-year history, including last 12 monthly leak test reports
  • Easy printout of alarm and event history to expedite diagnosing and regulatory auditing process

Specification Guide

Scenario New Parts Needed Part Number Quantity
Current Version 24 and later Software upgrades (RDM) and NVMEM 203 331500-322 1 per console
Current Version 23 and later Software upgrades (RDM) with ECPU2 and NVMEM 203 331500-358 1 per console
Comm Modules
Dual Port

Dual Port Module, DB9 w/MT

Single Port Module, DB25 w/MT



1 per console

1 per console

Technician Key
Only for Service Contractors Maintenance Tracker Field Support Kit 330020-546 1 kit per certified engineer