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EMR Datalink Software

EMR3 Datalink Software

Veeder-Root offers the EMR Datalink for simple, reliable, and cost effective, one-way communication from your Veeder-Root electronic register to your back office. Our easy to use PC based software provides a data management system that communicates wirelessly to the EMR3 and EMR4, and generates automatic reports that can be viewed anywhere in the world via a web browser.

Automated data capture works beyond the retail gas pump. Aviation, mobile fueling, and terminal applications, among others, can benefit from the elimination of human error that comes with the traditional manual ticketing process. Lost, missing, and mis-written tickets become a thing of the past. Veeder-Root’s wireless data capture solution is the most efficient way to manage custody transfers and inventory reconciliation. The software works by pulling encrypted transaction data in real time, straight from the meter register and into your back office, where it can be viewed securely within a locally hosted database. Datalink sends transaction data from the meter register to the server automatically, giving you better data going into the back office more frequently.

This customizable solution can create reports by date, time, customer, or even driver and vehicle, among dozens of other options. Datalink’s customization options extend beyond automated reports. Developed from the direct input of major oil companies, Datalink can be customized to fit your business needs. 



Key benefits:

  • Enhanced field operations
  • Reporting & Control
  • Wireless data capturing
  • Customization
  • POS Interfacing
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve financial tracking
  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Provide faster fueling cycles
  • Expand your customer base with innovation
  • Better asset management