Inventory Control with optional water detection

Our most basic probe, the Veeder-Root Magnetostrictive (MAG) Plus In-tank Probe for inventory control includes the option for water detection.  It is designed for both aboveground (AST) and underground (UST) storage tank applications that require reliable and accurate inventory readings.

Accurate inventory readings

Our Magnetostrictive (MAG) Plus Probes provide the most reliable solution in the industry to meet the challenging environments in industrial, commercial and retail applications, while also providing trouble-free performance in an array of liquid products.

This probe can accommodate a wide range of tank shapes and sizes, such as all small rectangular and cylindrical ASTs and USTs that don’t exceed 12’ in diameter. It is also available in custom lengths as well.

Product Form

The aluminum probe canister has been discontinued. All aluminum canister probe orders must be converted to the HGP version. 

Part Number




MAG Plus In-Tank Inventory Only Probe with High Grade Polymer (HGP) Canister with Water Detection



MAG Plus In-Tank Inventory Only Probe with Aluminum Canister with Water Detection
(Discontinued - Please use 846397-3XX)



MAG Plus Stainless Steel In-Tank Inventory Only Probe with High Grade Polymer (HGP) Canister, No Water Detection



MAG Plus Stainless Steel In-Tank Inventory Only Probe with Aluminum Canister, No Water Detection
(Discontinued - Please use 846397-6XX)



Key Features

  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, and other approved fluids

  • Highly accurate multi-point temperature sensing to provide extreme accuracy for Inventory control and in-tank leak detection

  • Provides fast, accurate inventory data, including water, when available to protect your fuel inventory investment

  • 2” and 3” float kit option, providing lower levels of product detection.

  • Certified performance for inventory control in gasoline, diesel and many more material products.

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