Ethernet Port

Menu > Setup > Communication > Ethernet Port

  • Confirm a CAT5 cable is connected to the correct ethernet port.
  • Confirm the ethernet port is working by checking the port for lights. No lights or a red light can indicate a bad port.
  • For static IP addresses, confirm the IP Default Gateway is set to enabled. Only one port can use the default gateway, which allows outside network access.
  • Confirm there is a Primary and Secondary DNS

Note: Google’s public DNS servers are and

Address Book

Menu > Setup > Automatic Events > Address Book

To add a new contact, select Actions > Add Contact

  • Name: Contact’s name.
  • Email: Contact’s email address.

Autoconnect Tasks

Menu > Setup > Automatic Events > Autoconnect Tasks

To add a new task, select Action > Add Task

  • Connection Mode: Email
  • Reports: Select all reports to be emailed to the contact.
  • Contacts: Select the contact’s name.
  • Trigger: Select “on time” or “on event.”

On Time: Select the date and time for the email to be sent.
On Event: Select the event and/or alarm for an email to be sent.

To edit or delete a task, select the check box, then select Actions > Edit Task or Remove Task

SMTP Relay

Menu > Setup > Communication > SMTP Relay
Networks may have security settings that are incompatible with console defaults. If so, a compatible SMTP server will need to be specified in order to send mail.


  • Sender Name: This specifies the name that will be displayed as the sender of the email.
  • Sender Email Address: This specifies the originating email address.
  • Use System Hostname: If enabled, the system hostname is used and is displayed below. If disabled, you can enter a valid hostname in the field below. The default is enabled.
  • Sender Hostname: The email address after the @ symbol such as “”
  • Relayhost / Smarthost: The name of the email server: “”

SMTP Relay: Send Test Email
Located on the bottom of the SMTP Relay screen.

Note: The following steps require software version 9S or higher.

On the bottom of the page, there’s an option to Send Test Email.

  • Test Email Receiver: Address of the email recipient.
  • Choose Email from Contacts: Opens a selection field with a list of contacts from the Address Book.
  • Send Test Email: Sends a test email to the test email receiver.


Troubleshooting Steps

Task Log

Menu > Setup > Automatic Events > Task Log

  • Confirm the console is sending out the correct autoconnect tasks. If the events are not listed, confirm console programming.
  • Check spam and junk folders for the missing emails.

Testing the DNS Servers

Note: The following steps require software version 8S or higher.

Note: The following steps require a laptop to be connected to the same network as the console and access to the web portal.

Web Enabled

  • Open a web browser.
  • In the address bar, type inhttps://y.y.y.ywhere y.y.y.yis the console’s IP address.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Press “Sign In.”


  • Setup > Comm > Other
  • Then select “Here.”

This will open a new page.

  • Select Diagnostics > Traceroute
  • Address: Type in the Primary DNS.
  • Select the “Traceroute” button.
  • Console can reach the DNS server or where it is getting blocked.

Note: If the DNS server cannot be reached, then an IT professional should be contacted for additional help navigating the site’s network.

Further Information