Menu > Setup > Devices > Relays

Device Setup

     a. Configured: Enabled
     b. Assign an Address
     c. Label: Overfill Alarm
     d. Type: Standard
     e. Orientation: Normally Open

Menu > Setup > Automatic Events > Device Task

Automatic Event Setup

     a. On the left side of the screen, select: Actions > Add Task
     b. Device: Select the relay (Overfill Alarm)
     c. Event:

          - Scroll down for TANK, select the triangle to expand for additional options.
          - Scroll down for OVERFILL ALARM, check off the box to enable all tanks.
          - When complete, select the blue check mark to save.

Testing the Overfill Alarm

Refer to the Operability Testing Guide (577013-814) for overfill alarm testing guidelines.

Further Information