What Can We Do About it?

The first step is to confirm that the equipment at your gas station is maintained and operating correctly. You then want to ensure that you have accurate tank charts for your site. The next step is to implement a daily reconciliation and variance tracking method.  

C-Store owners should also take advantage of remote connectivity options that allow them to check on their inventory and site status from anywhere. 

Automating The Process

The most accurate way to generate a tank chart is to use AccuChart on your Veeder-Root TLS Automatic Tank Gauge. This application takes frequent measurements and reports back when there is a statistically significant data set for creating an accurate tank chart. 

Once you have an accurate tank chart, an application like Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) can automatically calculate fuel variance.

BIR tracks all the fuel that enters or exits each of your underground tanks, accounting for all delivery and dispensing activity. It automatically collects metered sales information from electronic and mechanical dispensers and generates accurate delivery and reconciliation reports.  


This is our final installment in our blog series on what actually happens when you fill up at a gas station. You can find more information on every step of the process here