Monitor Oil Water Separator Tanks

The Oil Water Separator Sensor (OWSS) helps users meet the growing demand to remove oil, grease, light petroleum products, and oil-coated solids from a variety of wastewater discharges. The Oil Water Separator Sensor provides real-time feedback to the automatic tank gauge on the status of product thresholds for proper operation of the oil water separator tank.

Built to Withstand Harsh Conditions

The Oil Water Separator Sensor is constructed of industrial grade material to meet the harsh environment of a Oil Water Separator tank. When connected to the TLS system a warning / alarm is activated and provides visual, auditable and remote notification that the water or oil exceeds a predetermine threshold. 

Product Form

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Oil Water Separator Sensor (OWSS)

Use the Sensor Application Guide 577013-750 to determine custom length

Key Features

  • Activates visual and audible alarms on the TLS monitoring system when water or oil exceeds a predetermined threshold

  • Provides alarm conditions to control pump relays used to maintain proper oil and water levels

  • Alarm History retrieval via front panel/display, serial communications including Ethernet and printer

  • UL and cUL approved


Compatible Liquids

Gasoline; Diesel; Kerosene; Jet Fuel; Aviation Gas; Waste Oil/Used Oil; Gasoline up to 5% Ethanol; Gasoline up to 5% Methanol; Diesel up to 20% Biodiesel

Oil Specific Gravity

0.65 to 0.90 gram/cc

Storage Temperature Rating

-40°C to +75°C / -40°F to +167°F

Operating Temperature Rating

-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F

Console Compatibility


• TLS4i / TLS4c 

• TLS-300 Series

• TLS-350 Series*

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