Printable ATG Warnings and Alarms sheet available

Download the print friendly document to use as a reference for your team onsite. This sheet is formatted to fit in the adhesive sleeve that ships with your Veeder-Root tank gauge.

Download the document


  • Gross Test Fail Alarm: 3 gph (11.3 lph) line test failure. Dispensing halts, if programmed to do so, while the alarm is active.
  • PLLD Shutdown: ATG shuts down the line because of a failed line leak test, or an alarm assigned to disable the line is active.


  • Continuous Handle Alarm: Handle signal has been active for a programmed number of hours.
  • Fuel Out Alarm: Tank product level below 10” level - cannot pump when active.
  • High Liquid Alarm: Liquid reached 8” on the dispenser pan sensor or 10” on the containment sump sensor.
  • High Product Alarm: Product level has exceeded 95% of programmed limit.
  • High Water Alarm: Water detected in tank exceeds programmed limit.
  • L, G, C, H, V Fuel Alarm: Fuel is present in the area being monitored by the sensor.
  • Line Equipment Alarm: A problem with the pressure measurement equipment has been detected.
  • Low Liquid Alarm: The sensor in a brine-filled interstice detects a decrease in the brine level.
  • Mag Sensor Communication Alarm: Hardware failure - sensor or interconnecting wiring to console.
  • Maximum Product Alarm: Product level rose above the programmed limit.
  • Overfill Alarm: Fuel level has exceeded a programmed limit. Potential overflow of tank may occur.
  • Periodic Test Fail Alarm: 0.2 gph test failure. Dispensing halts, if programmed to do so.
  • Probe Out Alarm: Hardware failure - probe or interconnecting wiring to console.
  • Sensor Open Alarm: Pressure sensor reading is less than -8 psi. Only tested while the pump is running. Dispensing halts, if programmed to do so.
  • Sudden Loss Alarm: System detects loss of fuel during an idle period.


  • Delivery Needed Warning: Product level dropped below programmed limit.
  • High Water Warning: Water detected in tank exceeds programmed warning limit.
  • No CSLD Idle Time Warning: System has not had enough idle time over previous 24 hours to run a statistical leak detection test.
  • Setup Data Warning: Device setup data problem.