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Detect and Reduce Fuel Loss

Identifying and minimizing the sources of variance within a fueling operation clarifies a fueling network's inventory, compliance, and financial status at any given time, drives down its liabilities, and eliminates waste.

There are two overarching types of variance: physical fuel loss that happens at a point of failure within a fueling system, or adjusted losses due to poor or inaccurate records. Variances caused by real, physical fuel losses are a loss of inventory which has a major impact on a store's profitability, and depending on the exact cause could result in fines or NOVs. Alternatively, variances caused by accounting errors can create additional liabilities and tax implications for a business, all while masking real fuel losses.

Please review the resources below, and contact us to discuss how Veeder-Root products and services can detect and reduce fuel loss in your fueling system.