TLS-2/P Automatic Tank Gauging Systems by Veeder-Root | Veeder-Root

TLS-2/P Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

TLS2P - Basic Inventory Control

The TLS-2 and TLS-2P tank gauging systems can monitor up to 6 individual tanks, with a touch-screen display that’s simple to understand and navigate. Ideal for station owners without sensor needs, the TLS-2 family provides easy- to-use, accurate fuel tracking and delivery information, and offers simple access to the most critical inventory data. Can also monitor density levels of gasoline or diesel fuel in your tanks.

Key features:

  • Six fuel-tank monitoring system capability
  • Graphic touch-screen display and menu
  • Built-in Internet connectivity to access critical inventory online
  • Intuitive audible and visual alarms displayed on main tank gauge screen in green and red

Key benefits:

  • Report capabilities for inventory, deliveries, diagnostics shift and setup
  • Tank leak test results
  • Alarm and alarm history
  • Capable of in-tank leak detection (0.1 and 0.2 GPH)
  • Highly accurate inventory and water level readings
  • Tank leak detection for up to 0.76 liter/hour (0.2 GPH) leaks when using Mag 2 Probes, 0.38 liter/hour (0.1 GPH) when using Mag 1 Probes
  • Auto-dial on alarm when connected to an external modem
  • Activation of remote alarm through relay
  • Supports Veeder-Root, European BA and Hnn protocols
  • Compatible with Veeder-Root Inform remote communication software
  • System: TLS-2
  • Inputs: 6
  • Tanks: 6
  • Line Leak Testing: 0
  • Sensors: 0
  • CSLD Tank Test: No
  • Vacuum Monitor: No
  • Inventory: Snap Shot
  • BIR: No
  • Reports: 1 YR
  • Alarms: 50 Events
  • History: 1 Yr
  • Sensor Status: None
  • Printer: No
  • Email: Inform
  • Free S/W Upgrades: No
  • Universal Sensor Module: No
  • Density: Yes
  • Storage Temperature Range: 15°F to 118°F (-10°C to 45°C )
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 118°F (0°C to 45°C)

Standard Models

  • Console Form Number: 856090-060
  • Description: TLS-2 Console - UL
  • Console Form Number: 856060-060
  • Description: TLS-2 Console - BASEEFA
  • TLS 2 Console Qualified: Modems/Printers
  • Component Manufacturer Model Interface: Qualified
  • Modem USRobotics/3 Com 56 K 5605 Serial: Yes
  • Modem USRobotics/3 Com 56 K 5806 Serial: Yes
  • Modem USRobotics/3 Com 56 K 0701 Serial: Yes
  • Modem ZOOM 56 K 2949 Serial: Yes
  • Modem Hayes 33.6 K 5914US Serial: Yes
  • Printer EPSON LX-300 Serial/Parallel: Yes
  • Printer EPSON LX-300+ Serial/Parallel: Yes
  • Printer Seiko DPU-414-30B Serial/Parallel: Yes