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Red Jacket Pump Control Boxes

Red Jacket offers a broad range of pump control boxes to help sites optimize flow. Together with our Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps and fuel pump controllers, our control boxes are engineered to reduce downtime, increase safety and help operators take control of their profits.

  • Learn about Red Jacket’s IQ Control Box

    IQ Control Box

    Red Jacket's IQ Control Box is a submersible turbine pump interface that improves the longevity of the submersible pump motor....

  • Learn More about Red Jacket’s Standard Control Box

    Standard Control Box

    Our most basic STP, the Standard Control Box interfaces between the fuel dispenser and the turbine pump and has an...

  • Learn More about the ISOTROL 1-8 Control Box

    ISOTROL 1-8 Control Box

    The Red Jacket Isotrol 1-8 Control Box is the most versatile dispenser handle signal isolation system available — and perhaps...