Curriculum Breakdown

The first course in the VeederTEC curriculum is the ATG Installer course, which covers and authorizes installation work and unlocks the ATG Technician Certification course. This Installer course has always been offered in a web-based format and has now been completely redesigned and revamped without impacting enrollment cost. 

Up next is the ATG Technician Certification course, which prepares users to setup and service Veeder-Root ATG consoles and authorizes Veeder-Root warranty and site startup. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this course also formally authorizes annual operability certification testing of Veeder-Root equipment, which is being increasingly enforced at the state level. Through VeederTEC, pursuing the Veeder-Root ATG Certification is now more convenient than ever before and is offered at a fraction of the cost of the in-person course. The time to join is now!

The ATG Certification is valid for two years before recertification credits are required for renewal. Currently, the only available recertification path is the online ATG Recertification Course and Exam. Over the next year, we will be releasing an Expert Curriculum, allowing technicians to select continuing education modules that are most applicable for their responsibilities or regulations. This continuing education program will be offered at the same cost of a standard recertification course.

How to Get Started

Technicians can get started with self-enrollment of their VeederTEC certification program as soon as today by following 5 easy steps:

  1. Visit to Saba site. 
  2. Sign up.
  3. Populate form and submit.
  4. Once you receive email that your account was created, click API link.
  5. Launch API course in Saba and follow prompt.

Once the API Certification number is verified, the VeederTEC ATG Installer course will be unlocked for self-enrollment. If additional information is needed, there is a new Saba User Training Course available per the following class ID#: 0000012108. Please contact technical support for any further required clarification or support.

VeederTEC has completely evolved Veeder-Root’s concept of Certification Training, we encourage you to advise your technicians to check it out and join the movement today.