High power input and output capabilities

The 10 Amp Controller Module is an optional module for the TLS-450PLUS designed to provide a complete control system for high-power applications.

The 10 Amp Controller Module is designed for customers who want to configure any combination of input-to-output response on the TLS-450PLUS, such as, controlling dispenser power when a dispenser pan sensor is in alarm. This provides additional support when meeting the containment integrity testing requirements, which were put into the EPA Regulatory law as of October 2018, simply shutdown the dispenser when liquid or fuel is present.

Product Form

Part Number




10 Amp Controller Module

New Console


10 Amp Controller Module Kit

Upgrade to existing console / spare

Key Features

  • 6 High Power Outputs 

  • 6 Low Voltage Inputs 

  • Compatible with dispenser power guidelines 

  • Provides additional Input and Output capabilities for existing TLS-450PLUS


Storage Temperature Rating

-40 ° C to + 75 ° C / -40 ° F to +158 ° F

Operating Temperature Rating

0 ° C to +40 ° C / -32 ° F to +109 ° F

Number of Inputs


Input Type

Contact Closure for 12VDC supplied voltage, 15mA Max

Number of Output Relays


Output Relay Type

Max 120V / 240VAC 10Amp Rating, software-configurable NO/NC

Installation Slot on Console

Must be installed in slot 4 of TLS-450, TLS-450PLUS and TLS-XB consoles