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Secondary Containment Vacuum Sensors

Secondary Containment Vacuum Sensors

The Secondary Containment Vacuum Sensing System (SCVS) detects even the smallest leaks, preventing them from entering the environment — costing you money on repairs. Using installed submersible turbine pumps (STPs), a vacuum seal is created, which closes the interstitial spaces of your tanks, piping, sumps, and pans. Only available for new constructions sites.

Key features:

  • Maximized protection with a vacuum-monitored secondary containment system
  • Reduces exposure to risk by sending an alarm to your tank gauge when vacuum seal cannot be maintained
  • System alarms you when liquid is detected in secondary space
  • Facilitates periodic operability testing and simple to install

Key benefits:

  • Vacuum alarm. Alarms when vacuum cannot be maintained or when replenish rate exceeds 85 liters per hour – prevents leak from entering environment, reducing site’s exposure to costly repairs
  • Liquid alarm. Alarms when liquid is detected in the secondary space – early notification of leak allows users to react and fix the potential issue before it reaches the environment
  • Simple installation. Installs in STP sump and connects to the console through intrinsically safe wiring
  • Operability testing. Facilitates periodic tests leveraging existing Veeder-Root systems
  • Certified to meet California's requirement for secondary space monitoring for tanks and lines as required by AB 2481
  • Satisfies the requirements for Class I Leak Detection as defined by the European Standard EN 13160-2
  • 3rd Party, National Work Group and LG113 listed

Operating Temperature Rating: -25 degrees C to +70 degrees C

Console Capability

The Vacuum Sensor is compatible with the following consoles:

  • TLS-350R/EMC w/BIR*
  • TLS-350 Plus/EMC Enhanced*
  • TLS-350/EMC*

*Upgrade Note: The Vacuum Sensor System requires the console to have version 24C software (or greater) along with an ECPU2 or ECPU w/ NVMEM 1 board.