These quick tutorial videos were produced by Video content is provided as a courtesy from Ben Thomas at Videos cover the following topics:

TLS-350 Functions

A brief discussion about the functions available on the Veeder-Root TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge and how to check the functions set on your gauge, which are unique to your underground storage tank system. Functions checked include; in-tank inventory, in-tank test result reading, continuous statistical leak detection results, liquid status for interstitial sensors, and starting or stopping a leak test.

TLS-350 Leak Testing

The primary job of an automatic tank gauge is to detect whether a tank is leak more than two tenths of a gallon per hour. In this video Ben Thomas shows us how to access the last leak detection test results on a TLS-350 automatic tank gauge and what the test results mean. 

TLS-350 Interstitial Monitoring

Many operators are unsure about whether their fueling system includes double-wall tanks or double-wall piping. This video gives operators a quick tip for how to determine whether their system includes secondary containment on their TLS-350 ATG. We will also determine how many interstitial monitors are included and their current status.

TLS-350 Inventory Report

This video describes a quick way to check the basic inventory information of your fuel site using a TLS-350 automatic tank gauge. This quick report tells you how many tanks are on site, their product, ullage and current inventory.

TLS-350 Volume & Ullage

This quick video discusses how to determine how much fuel to order without overfilling your tank using basic data from your TLS-350 ATG.