Focused on Reliability

Red Jacket’s unsurpassed expertise helps your customers optimize fuel flow. Focused on reliability and quality, the Red Jacket STP Fixed Speed Conversion Kit ensures that your customers have the most optimal system to pump fuel quickly, efficiently and safely – whether it’s motor fuel, diesel, aviation gasoline, ethanol/methanol or kerosene – in aboveground or underground storage tanks.

Convert a FE Petro® 2 HP variable speed pump to a Veeder-Root Red Jacket 2 HP fixed speed pump with a single-phase control box today!

Conversion Kit Options

In order to convert from a FE Petro three phase, variable speed pump to a Red Jacket single phase, fixed speed pump, you need one of the following conversion kits. You have the option to install the capacitor in the packer manifold or in the Standard or IQ control box depending
on preference.


Conversion Kits 

Kit Product Numbers Description


(1) Standard Control Box with capacitor included (410861-001)


(2) IQ Control Box with capacitor included (880-058-1)


(3) Standard Control Box (880-041-5) with separate Capacitor Kit (410901-001)


(4) IQ Control Box (880-051-1) with separate Capacitor Kit (410901-001)

Included in all Kits

  • 4” Pigtail 20-Foot Kit (410156-001) 
  • Identification Plate with Attachment Wire (410917-001), to be tied around FE Petro yoke
  • Installation Manual (577014-365)

UMP Sold Separately

  • UMP200U1-3 Petroleum UMP (852-221-5)
  • AGUMP200S1-3 Alcohol Gas UMP (852-222-5)

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