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Flow Meters & Fuel Tank Pressure Sensors (ISD)

Veeder-Root’s CARB-certified ISD system provides the most accurate vapor-recovery detection available in the industry. It’s the choice of 90% of California customers to meet their new regulations. The vapor flow meter measures the amount of gasoline vapor returning from the car while the pressure sensor monitors your tank 24 hours a day to ensure proper functioning of your vapor-recovery system. It also monitors the vapor space integrity of the underground storage tanks as well as your piping.

Key features:

  • Chosen by more than 90% of California customers to meet regulations
  • CARB-certified with the most hanging hardware options, providing California customers additional flexibility
  • Leverages existing investment in TLS-350 equipment, minimizing initial equipment, permitting, and installation cost
  • Maximizes site uptime using Single Dispenser Shutdown functionality

The latest system requirements for Veeder-Root's In-Station Diagnostic (ISD) are available on the California Air Resource Board website. Please select the appropriate CARB Executive Order for additional information.

CARB Executive Order

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The site owner and installing contractor are responsible for understanding and abiding by local permit conditions. Consult your local jurisdiction for software requirements prior to any ISD installation. Failure to do so may result in violations, fines, and other associated costs.