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Electronic Meter Registers

The EMR3 is Veeder-Root’s electronic meter-register, which provides the latest technology around a robust/user-friendly system, delivering unprecedented value for customers worldwide. The EMR3 accurately and reliably captures and stores fuel dispensing transactions which improves the accuracy, security and accountability of metering systems. Fully capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements, it can be affordably configured to fit a wide variety of industry applications. Veeder-Root has over a decade of experience with the electronic meter register with thousands of systems installed in all types of applications including aviation, rail, marine, petroleum, LPG, mining and more. 

  • Electronic Meter Register (EMR3)

    Electronic Meter Register (EMR3)

    The new generation of electronic meter-register, exemplified by Veeder-Root's EMR3, wraps the latest technology around a robust/user-friendly system, providing...

  • EMR3 Datalink Software

    EMR3 Datalink Software

    Veeder-Root offers the EMR3 Datalink for simple, reliable, and cost effective, one-way communication from your Veeder-Root electronic register to your...