The durability and reliability expected from mechanical computers

The VR-10 Gasoline Pump Computer provides the durability and reliability expected from mechanical computers at posted prices up to $10.00 per gallon. Exceptionally versatile, it can be equipped with various options such as pulse generators and electric reset for self-serve operations. A factory installed "Quick Change" gearbox can be ordered for fast conversion to the metric system.

Key Features

  • Extended price posting capability of up to $10.00 per gallon
  • Greater total sale capability up to $1,000.00
  • Maintains tenth-of-a-cent price posting up to $6.00 per gallon
  • Sales rates up to $200 per minute
  • Unique worm gear drive prevents wheel overthrow
  • Exclusive high resolution clutch and right-hand money wheel graphics to improve accuracy and readability

Available Options

  • Series 7874 Pulser/Totalizer and Circuit Barrier: Available in retrofit kits. Replaces money totalizer, utilizing the same space as existing totalizer. Permits installation of a pulse transmitter in limited space enclosures.
  • V-R Electric Reset: Provides power to return computer display to zero reading as well as activating self-service interface switches providing pump control. May be interfaced with remote control of self-service operations.
  • "Quick-Change" Metric Gear Box: Converts computer from gallons to liters by simply pushing in a lever.
  • Four-Transfer Money Wheel: Also available is a 4-transfer right-hand money wheel similar to the one found on the VR-2002E. When so equipped, the VR-10 has price posting capability to $3.999 per gallon and is designated VR-10/4.
  • Series 7697 Pulse Transmitter: Explosion-proof pulser for data transmission to self-serve systems or remote displays. Both quantity and money pulsers available.



200 rpm maximum of right-hand money wheel (20 gallons per minute at $10.00 per gallon). $200 per minute maximum at any price per gallon. 

Number of computer wheels 

Two banks of 4 wheels each for money and gallons, front and back. 

Maximum display capability 

Money: $999.98. Volume: 999.9 units. 

Size of figures 

All 20.6 mm (0.812") high. 


Gallons: 7 digits 

Money: 7 digits 

Right-hand wheel of the money totalizer has the single transfer design with 10-cent increments. 

Price setting figures 

0.000 to 5.999 dollars per gallon in 1/10-cent increments and 0.00 to 9.99 in 1-cent increments. 


Double handle or rotary reset mechanism. Readily accepts existing electric resets. 

Operating temperature range 

-40 degrees to +71 degrees C (-40 degrees to +160 degrees F)