The components of the HydrX Fuel Conditioning System are customized based on the unique configuration of each Diesel underground storage tank. Ensure that your site meets the requirements ahead of ordering.


Site Requirements

  • Ability to pull 4 wires in the high voltage conduit (2 high power wires, 1 neutral wire and 1 ground wire)
  • There must be space in the control room for the wall-mounted Fuel Conditioning Controller, 8″ H x 8.3″ W x 6″ D
  • If there is Isotrol/DHI at the site, 1 spare input is required
  • There must be the ability to bring AC power to the Fuel Conditioning Controller on its own branch and breaker, and completed by a licensed electrician
  • There must be a water/fuel waste stream to accept the water that is removed by the Fuel Conditioner and disposed of in accordance with local regulations

Note: Sump sensors are recommended with HydrX and may be required by local jurisdictions having authority

Tank Requirements

  • Diesel USTs less than or equal to 30,000 gallons
  • Fiberglass Tanks; Consult Veeder-Root for Steel Tanks
  • Tank diameter must be between 8′ (96″) and 10′ (120″)
  • Manifolded tanks are not supported

Sump Requirements

  • A sump diameter greater than or equal to 42″ generally will have enough clearance. If smaller than 42″, a fit test is required.
  • The Fuel Conditioner is 30″ tall and will require 10″ of clearance above the system to any fixed, immovable portion of the sump to service the filters. If the Fuel Conditioner fits in the center of the sump, directly under the sump lid, a 6″ clearance to the sump lid is sufficient.
  • Spare 4″ bung in tank top with clearance for a riser (and space for the Fuel Conditioner required).
  • Ability to pull 4 wires in the high voltage conduit (2 high power wires, 1 neutral wire and 1 ground wire).

Automatic Tank Gauge Requirements

  • TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) with software version 9R or higher
  • If upgrading from a TLS-350 to a TLS-450PLUS ATG, PLLD will have to be upgraded to DPLLD

Submersible Turbine Pump Requirements

  • Compatible with 4″ STPs up to 4HP
  • Veeder-Root Compatible STP Models: The Red Jacket®, The Red Jacket AG, and The Red Armor®
  • FE Petro® Compatible STP Models: MagShell™ fixed speed and variable speed STP with MagVFC™
  • Manifolded STPs are not supported
  • STP must have a spare port available
    • Confirm that siphon plug can be loosened
    • A one-way check valve will be provided with the Fuel Conditioner installation kit