HydrX is designed to be installed into new to industry or existing sites and is compatible with both Veeder-Root and FE Petro® STPs.

This system is comprised of a main fuel conditioner and fuel conditioning controller – along with a series of accessories that allows you to configure a system that meets your specific needs at the site.


Installation Kits

Select your Installation Kit option based on who the STP manufacturer is that HydrX will be installed with. Each kit includes a pressure port adaptor assembly, braided stainless steel hoses and Flaretite seals. One kit is required for each fuel conditioner.

Part Number



Kit – TRJ Installation (Option A)


Kit – FE Installation (Option B)


Not shown in Kit images: ¼-20 Hex Head Screw, Nylon Tie Wrap, Epoxy Sealing Pack, 3/8 JIC to SAE Adapter, Anti-seize Compound

Water Drain Kits

Water drain is an essential maintenance function and required for system operation. The HydrX water drain kits integrate with quick connect fittings on top of the manifold. The water drain kit (Option C) is a complete hose assembly that allows the user to drain water from the fuel conditioner. The water drain quick coupling kit (Option D) would require a separate hose assembly to drain water from the fuel conditioner. The quick coupling would be used if you wanted to build your own hose kit.

Part Number



Kit – Water Drain (Option C)


Kit – Water Drain Quick Coupling (Option D)

Guide Tube

The guide tube is a rigid pipe that mates to the Fuel Conditioning System Riser and extends down into the tank. The elbow on the leading end positions the Water Intake Device (WID) in the correct location within the tank. The length of the guide tube is matched with the diameter of the tank.

Part Number



Guide Tube, 107” 8' Diameter Tank, US


Guide Tube, 113”, 8' Diameter Tank, Canada


Guide Tube, 135”, 10' Diameter Tank, US & Canada

Alignment Bar

The alignment bar is a custom hand tool used to rotate the guide tube to the proper orientation. Two precision fit dowels align with mating holes on the guide tube flange. The alignment bar is reusable on subsequent installations.

Part Number



Alignment Bar


The HydrX Fuel Conditioning System is designed for permanent installation in the sump. Serviceable components of the system are available as replacement parts.


Filter Cartridges

The Fuel Conditioning System will monitor and display anticipated filter life, making maintenance schedules predictable. The filters have been engineered for optimal life; however, filter life is directly correlated to the amount of sediment and water in the tank and will vary by site. Typical installations are expected to require one to two filter changes annually. The filter kit includes the inlet and outlet filter.


Part Number



Kit – Fuel Conditioner Filter Cartridges

Hose Connections

Hose connections enable the transfer of fluid between the various system components. Each hose and pressure port adapter are serviceable and sold separately. In situations where there is minimal clearance within the sump, the 90-degree hose adapters should be used.


Part Number



Kit – Manifold Hose


Kit – Tank Return Hose


Kit – Adapter (90˚Hose End Adapters)


Kit – RJ Siphon Port Adapter Assembly


Kit – FE Siphon Jet Access Port Adapter Assembly

Sensors and Valves

The sensors and valves within HydrX enable intelligent operation of the system. Each component is serviceable and sold separately.


Part Number



Kit – Replacement Pressure Sensor


Kit – Replacement Probe


Kit – Water Float, Diesel


Kit – Inlet Valve Service


Kit – Outlet Valve Service

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