HydrX is designed to be installed into new to industry or existing sites and is compatible with both Veeder-Root and FE Petro® STPs.

This system is comprised of a main Fuel Conditioner Kit, Water Intake Device (WID), Guide Tube, and Installation Kit, along with a series of accessories and replacement parts that allow you to configure a system that meets your specific needs at the site.



Alignment Bar

The Alignment Bar is a custom hand tool used to rotate the Guide Tube to the proper orientation. Two precision fit dowels align with mating holes on the Guide Tube Flange. The Alignment Bar is reusable on subsequent installations.

Part Number Description
0330020-869 Kit – Alignment Bar


90° Hose End Adapter Kit

The 90° Hose End Adapter Kit allows for the stainless steel braided hoses to mate with the manifold at a 90° angle. This saves space in situations where the manifold is against the wall of the sump or other components.

Part Number Description
0330020-881 Kit – 90" Hose End Adapter


Mounting Rail Extension Kit

The Fuel Conditioner is clamped to the WID Riser in typical applications. When sufficient space is not available around the riser, the Mounting Rail Extension Kit can be used to offset the Fuel Conditioner from the WID Riser. The kit can be used to offset the Fuel Conditioner by up to 12”. It includes two stainless steel channels and mounting hardware.

Part Number Description
0330020-893 Kit – Mounting Rail Extension



The HydrX Fuel Conditioning System is designed for permanent installation in the sump. Serviceable components of the system are available as replacement parts.

*Denotes critical spares, recommended to have these on hand.

Filter Cartridges & O-Rings

The Fuel Conditioning System will monitor and display anticipated filter life, making maintenance schedules predictable. The filters have been engineered for optimal life; however, filter life is directly correlated to the amount of sediment and water in the tank and will vary by site. Typical installations are expected to require one filter change every 12-18 months.

The filter kits include the inlet and outlet filters, replacement O-Rings, O-Ring Grease, and an O-Ring Pick. HydrX 500D uses 0330020-868 and HydrX 250D uses 0330020-904. The O-Rings, O-Ring Grease, and O-Ring Pick are also sold separately. HydrX 500D uses 0330020-789 and HydrX 250D uses 0330020-905.

Part Number Description
0330020-868 Kit – Fuel Conditioner Filter Cartridges*
0330020-789 Kit – Fuel Conditioner O-Rings
0330020-904 Kit – Fuel Conditioner Filter Cartridges – SAE Seals*
0330020-905 Kit – Fuel Conditioner O-Rings – SAE Seals


Hose Connections

Hose Connections enable the transfer of fluid between the various system components. Each hose and pressure port adapter are serviceable and sold separately. In situations where there is minimal clearance within the sump, the 90-degree hose adapters should be used.

Part Number Description
0330020-870  Kit – FE Siphon Jet Access Port Adapter Assembly
0330020-871 Kit – RJ Siphon Port Adapter Assembly 
0330020-876  Kit – Tank Return Hose 
0330020-878  Kit – Manifold Hose 
0330020-884  Kit – Water Drain Quick Coupling 
0330020-899  Kit – HydrX Siphon Cartridge* 
0330020-902  Kit – Flaretite Seal*


Sensors & Valves

The sensors and valves within HydrX enable intelligent operation of the system. Each component is serviceable and sold separately.

Part Number Description
0330020-855  Kit – Water Float, Diesel 
0330020-872  Kit – Replacement Pressure Sensor*
0330020-873  Kit – Replacement Probe, HydrX 500D 
0330020-903  Kit – Replacement Probe, HydrX 250D 
0330020-882  Kit – Inlet Valve Service* 
0330020-883  Kit – Outlet Valve Service* 


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